Faux, HELL No!

I’m in Poughkeepsie, NY. I went to a CVS this morning to look for a barrette, and I spotted this:

Faux hair. That’s an understatement. And there is nothing “hype” about it.

I laughed about this for most of the morning — texted the photo to friends, posted it on Facebook. But then it occurred to me that maybe in Poughkeepsie, NY CVS is where you buy weave (God I hope not)… And that made me sad.

I think we all know how I feel about CVS — I mean, I have a blog category dedicated to it — but some things are just wrong.

This is one of those things.

RE-Snowpoca-LAPSE and the best bio ever

Although it was nowhere near as bad as last year’s back-to-back Snowpocaly (watch video), yesterday’s storm made for a terrible travel day. I had to be in NYC for an audition yesterday morning so I left the house super early, parked my car at the nearest Metro and headed downtown to catch the BoltBus. Five-hour ride. Five-minute audition. And then I rushed back uptown to catch the next bus back to DC.

Ugh. The ride home took 7.5 hours. And by the time I got back to the Metro station, defrosted and dug my car out I had about a quarter tank of gas. I only live about a mile and a half from the train station. But after an hour in the car I still wasn’t home. There’s a slight hill between my home and Metro that no one seemed to be able to get up. I’d like to think that I could have done it if I were near the front of the line, but city workers were turning people around. Well by this point I’m damn near on “E.” So I make a U-turn and start driving to all the nearby gas stations, but none of them are open. Turns out a transformer went down and no one had power. So now I’m below “E” in the snow and I’m scared I’m gonna get stranded. I decided to go back and leave my car in the Metro lot for the night. But then I had to walk the mile and a half home in the snow. When I got here our power was out too, but I was too tired to care.

Exhale. The day wasn’t a total loss though. Cause while I was waiting for the bus back to DC, I popped into the Borders at Madison Square Garden:

I grabbed a coffee and also bought “I Drink For a Reason” by David Cross. Though I love Cross, what sold me on the book was his bio on the back cover:

Q: How could you not love this?

A: You can’t.

Ain’t this a bleep??!?

This morning a girlfriend of mine posted a message on my Facebook wall telling me she saw a photo of me in a Facebook ad for preschool teachers. I was like “Whaaaaaa?”. She tried to send it to me but eventually I found it on my own. As you can see, it’s a photo of me and Nia Long from Black Girls Rock! Not sure what that has to do with teaching, and more importantly I can’t believe they just ganked one of my pics and used it for their ad.

But then I started thinking: There have been times where I’ve seen very familiar faces in some of those dating ads, but I just figured the person just looked a LOT like someone I know. Now I’m wondering if my friends weren’t really in those ads. A friend said she saw her married best friend in a single’s ad once… In any other situation using my likeness or especially Nia’s likeness to advertise a product or service would be a prosecutable offense but I’m pretty sure I agreed to it in all the FB small print in the terms and conditions.

The Internet can really be a scary place. I love how I can find just about anything online, but for everyone who uses the Web for good, there’s a person (or 10) who uses it for evil. So glad I’ve never posted any inappropriate photos online anywhere. This particular ad is harmless, but I can only imagine how many unauthorized images of me might have been manipulated and posted around the Web. No one has the right to misrepresent me or make money off my likeness. But if I find out I’m a big star in Japan or something, maybe I wouldn’t be too mad at that.

Frozen Football Fun & What Really Matters

So I’m just recovering from the Eagles/Packers Wild Card Game on Sunday.


I actually went to the game. Was lucky enough to get an SRO (standing room only) ticket — which meant that I didn’t actually have a seat in the stadium and had to stand the whole time. But that’s not such a big deal considering no one ever sits down at these games. Even when you have a seat it seems like you end up standing most of the time… Anyway, the standing wasn’t even an issue. The issue is that it was 26 degrees outside and I was out there for 5 hours. And despite the many layers of Iggles gear (see photo below) I had on beneath my coat, I’m just now thawing out!

My poor toes were crying. One of the guys standing next to me told me they had toe warmers on sale down in the Pro Shop. Thank God for these things. I should buy stock in these things:

The outcome of the game/season is still too painful for me to talk about. So instead I figured I’d just show you how cool the Iggles Drumline was.

WATCH VIDEO: Eagles Game Day Drumline

Super cool, right? Nick Cannon, watch out!!! I bet you didn’t even know the Eagles had a drum line… Don’t feel bad about it though. Neither did I. I think it was their first time ever playing at the stadium.

Though I’m bummed about our season, I’m trying to learn not to let football affect my mood as much as I used to. As people were filing out of the stadium they were kicking trash cans over, screaming at each other, and punching walls and poles. Watching all that really put things into perspective for me. It’s not that serious. It’s just a game. And in light of the tragedy that took place on Saturday, football doesn’t even rate.

I continue to pray for the victims of the Arizona shooting and their families. I hope you all will too.

Good Ass Magnets

This morning while I was tacking up some Christmas photos of my friends’ kids, I realized that I had three save-the-date magnets on my refrigerator from couples that are no longer married. (Stop looking so close — I removed the magnets I’m talking about. Sheesh, I’m not that big an a–hole.) Such a shame. I’ve been doing a joke lately about not wanting to take the tags off new dresses unless it’s for a worthwhile event. Watch below:

It’s only a joke… But I actually felt kinda bad about the bit after this morning’s discovery… And I considered just trashing the magnets because they conjure bad memories and probably carry bad energy — but I didn’t. Wanna know why? Because they are some good ass magnets. Strong magnets. Not so much for the marriages…

But I digress.

I don’t think I’ve ever bought a magnet in my life. And I damn sure ain’t ’bout to pick today to start running buying them. I feel so sorry for all involved. And I’ll try my best to remember to take down your magnets the next time any of you come to visit.