Ain’t this a bleep??!?

This morning a girlfriend of mine posted a message on my Facebook wall telling me she saw a photo of me in a Facebook ad for preschool teachers. I was like “Whaaaaaa?”. She tried to send it to me but eventually I found it on my own. As you can see, it’s a photo of me and Nia Long from Black Girls Rock! Not sure what that has to do with teaching, and more importantly I can’t believe they just ganked one of my pics and used it for their ad.

But then I started thinking: There have been times where I’ve seen very familiar faces in some of those dating ads, but I just figured the person just looked a LOT like someone I know. Now I’m wondering if my friends weren’t really in those ads. A friend said she saw her married best friend in a single’s ad once… In any other situation using my likeness or especially Nia’s likeness to advertise a product or service would be a prosecutable offense but I’m pretty sure I agreed to it in all the FB small print in the terms and conditions.

The Internet can really be a scary place. I love how I can find just about anything online, but for everyone who uses the Web for good, there’s a person (or 10) who uses it for evil. So glad I’ve never posted any inappropriate photos online anywhere. This particular ad is harmless, but I can only imagine how many unauthorized images of me might have been manipulated and posted around the Web. No one has the right to misrepresent me or make money off my likeness. But if I find out I’m a big star in Japan or something, maybe I wouldn’t be too mad at that.

Mike Vick and musical chairs

So I ended up getting a last-minute invitation to go to the Eagles/Skins game last nite. But I’ve been sick for the last week and it was due to rain and it’s November… But then my “inviter” told me we’d be sitting in a dry, warm, tricked-out luxury box. And I thought, “Well, it’d be rude to turn him down…

As a die-harder-than-most Iggles fan, I can’t say how happy I am that I was there to witness the clinic Michael Vick put on last nite. 4 TD passes, 2 rushing TDs, 300 passing yards and 80 rushing yards — it was a thing of beauty. Understandably, FedEx Field began to clear out pretty early in the game. Now in the interest of full disclosure, it was raining pretty hard for most of the game, but a lot of Skins folks just got discouraged:

Where are all da people?

This wasn’t halftime or anything. And the stadium was full at the kickoff. But by the middle of the second quarter, there was basically no one in the top two tiers of the stadium. It was like a great big game of musical chairs where 50,000 people decided not to bother sitting back down. I can’t imagine what it looked like on TV.

I mocked my cold/flu situation, posting the following update on Facebook:

I fully regret that post, as I feel like booty today. I have a show in a few hours so I need to get it together. So I apologize cold/flu thing. Now please release me. Love, EJ

‘Other chubby singles’? Why does my computer hate me?


OK, I used to work in digital marketing… I understand contextual advertising, keywords, and cookies. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t wanna throw my computer out the window when my Facebook account asks me if I would like to meet ‘other chubby singles.’


That’s it — no more blogging about bad dates. And also no more shopping at

From the Blog to the Stage – Haggling with the plumber

Last Tuesday I had to call a plumber out to the house to help unclog my toilet. Once he left I posted the following Facebook status update:


My dad is totally my haggling hero ;) And I knew it’d make him proud to know I was resourceful in talking the plumber down… When I told him about it, he howled and insisted I turn it into a bit.  Which I did this weekend. Here’s how it turned out… Funny because it’s true. ;)

Another Snuggie convert

This one goes out to all of y’all who hate on my beloved Snuggie. Feel free to check out some of my other Snuggie posts

snug_blue snug_eagles

Anyway, I received the following e-mail on Facebook last nite. No further explanation needed. Read it and acknowledge the awesomeness of the Snuggie.

Please and thank you.

Click image to enlarge

I also would like to report that since my CVS blog I have brought a few people over from the drug store dark side to the light. I guess you could call me… a missionary of sorts.

You could also call me a few other things… but please, just not to my face. ;)