EJ’s Least Favorite Things: Ep. 7 — The Bathroom Hustle

So yesterday I walked into a bathroom in the Charlotte airport and there was a bathroom attendant in there. I can’t tell you how much I hate bathroom attendants… Or maybe I can. I hate them. So much. I dread the canned greeting (Her’s was “Welcome to ladies clean bathroom, ladies”), the inevitable shakedown at the sink. When I walk into a bathroom and see an attendant my first reaction is to calculate how long I’ll have to hold it if I don’t go just then. And no offense, but if I was going to accept a paper towel from someone, it wouldn’t be a woman who’s been cleaning toilets for 8 hours… I’ve said all that to say I have a new least favorite thing. Check it out and let me know if you feel me.

Ce Ce, Centric and Communism


So I was in Chicago this past weekend for the launch event for a special I taped a few months back, and as we were leaving the club, we ran into Ce Ce Peniston of “Keep on Walking” fame on the street. Doesn’t she look fantastic? I said something very drunk as I asked if she’d take a photo with me — something like “Thank you so much ’cause girl, you coulda kept right on walkin’…” Yes, really. And she still posed for the pic. What a gracious lady! Damn you Makers Mark!

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Stand Up For Family Vol. 4 special airing on Centric this fall! Here’s a sneak peek…

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I shouldn’t be laughing at this…

But I can’t stop howling. A crazy naked man in the San Francisco subway system attacking people while doing some really impressive gymnastics. The bicycle stretches and the roundoffs were especially good. Oh, and the BART worker holding the camera sounds so much like me (as pointed out by my friend Shannon who initially sent me the video) that I actually started to question whether or not I was in San Francisco for this… AND THE COMMENTS ARE JUST AS GOOD AS THE VIDEO:

why is prince so angry? glad he went back to his original hair, though.
I believe the gymnastics officials would score this gentlemanDismount = 10
Junk = 2

So that’s why Troy Polamalu hasn’t been at OTA’s?
You’re welcome.