Frozen Football Fun & What Really Matters

So I’m just recovering from the Eagles/Packers Wild Card Game on Sunday.


I actually went to the game. Was lucky enough to get an SRO (standing room only) ticket — which meant that I didn’t actually have a seat in the stadium and had to stand the whole time. But that’s not such a big deal considering no one ever sits down at these games. Even when you have a seat it seems like you end up standing most of the time… Anyway, the standing wasn’t even an issue. The issue is that it was 26 degrees outside and I was out there for 5 hours. And despite the many layers of Iggles gear (see photo below) I had on beneath my coat, I’m just now thawing out!

My poor toes were crying. One of the guys standing next to me told me they had toe warmers on sale down in the Pro Shop. Thank God for these things. I should buy stock in these things:

The outcome of the game/season is still too painful for me to talk about. So instead I figured I’d just show you how cool the Iggles Drumline was.

WATCH VIDEO: Eagles Game Day Drumline

Super cool, right? Nick Cannon, watch out!!! I bet you didn’t even know the Eagles had a drum line… Don’t feel bad about it though. Neither did I. I think it was their first time ever playing at the stadium.

Though I’m bummed about our season, I’m trying to learn not to let football affect my mood as much as I used to. As people were filing out of the stadium they were kicking trash cans over, screaming at each other, and punching walls and poles. Watching all that really put things into perspective for me. It’s not that serious. It’s just a game. And in light of the tragedy that took place on Saturday, football doesn’t even rate.

I continue to pray for the victims of the Arizona shooting and their families. I hope you all will too.