This morning while I was tacking up some Christmas photos of my friends’ kids, I realized that I had three save-the-date magnets on my refrigerator from couples that are no longer married. (Stop looking so close — I removed the magnets I’m talking about. Sheesh, I’m not that big an a–hole.) Such a shame. I’ve been doing a joke lately about not wanting to take the tags off new dresses unless it’s for a worthwhile event. Watch below:

It’s only a joke… But I actually felt kinda bad about the bit after this morning’s discovery… And I considered just trashing the magnets because they conjure bad memories and probably carry bad energy — but I didn’t. Wanna know why? Because they are some good ass magnets. Strong magnets. Not so much for the marriages…

But I digress.

I don’t think I’ve ever bought a magnet in my life. And I damn sure ain’t ’bout to pick today to start running buying them. I feel so sorry for all involved. And I’ll try my best to remember to take down your magnets the next time any of you come to visit.


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