RE-Snowpoca-LAPSE and the best bio ever

Although it was nowhere near as bad as last year’s back-to-back Snowpocaly (watch video), yesterday’s storm made for a terrible travel day. I had to be in NYC for an audition yesterday morning so I left the house super early, parked my car at the nearest Metro and headed downtown to catch the BoltBus. Five-hour ride. Five-minute audition. And then I rushed back uptown to catch the next bus back to DC.

Ugh. The ride home took 7.5 hours. And by the time I got back to the Metro station, defrosted and dug my car out I had about a quarter tank of gas. I only live about a mile and a half from the train station. But after an hour in the car I still wasn’t home. There’s a slight hill between my home and Metro that no one seemed to be able to get up. I’d like to think that I could have done it if I were near the front of the line, but city workers were turning people around. Well by this point I’m damn near on “E.” So I make a U-turn and start driving to all the nearby gas stations, but none of them are open. Turns out a transformer went down and no one had power. So now I’m below “E” in the snow and I’m scared I’m gonna get stranded. I decided to go back and leave my car in the Metro lot for the night. But then I had to walk the mile and a half home in the snow. When I got here our power was out too, but I was too tired to care.

Exhale. The day wasn’t a total loss though. Cause while I was waiting for the bus back to DC, I popped into the Borders at Madison Square Garden:

I grabbed a coffee and also bought “I Drink For a Reason” by David Cross. Though I love Cross, what sold me on the book was his bio on the back cover:

Q: How could you not love this?

A: You can’t.