Road trips and underground railroads

Just got back from an 11-day road trip where I traveled to north Jersey, northwestern PA, upstate NY, back to Jersey, then back upstate, and finally to the Philly area to watch the Super Bowl with other angry Eagles fans. It was exhausting and kind of a blur, but the highlight of my trip was the show I did at Auburn Public Theater in Auburn, NY. Auburn is a great little town. It’s the kind of place where even the Days Inn is nice (not that I stayed there; I’m just sayin’). The trip in was absolutely beautiful. As I drove thru neighboring Skaneateles, I had to pull over to take photos, it was so pretty:

The theater and its owners, Carey and Angela, were great too.


When I got there Carey told me about some of the tourist attractions in town. He mentioned that Harriet Tubman used to live in Auburn and that her former home was a soon-to-be national landmark. I was so bummed I didn’t know that earlier in the day when I was lounging around Skaneateles so I could have taken the full tour. I usually research the places I visit so I don’t miss out on cool stuff like this, but I’d been running so much it slipped my mind for this trip. Thank goodness for Carey! Continue reading →

Pumps & Punchlines

I had the pleasure of performing at the kickoff of an awesome new comedy concert series called Pumps & Punchlines in Schenectady, NY last Friday! As you may have guessed from the title, it’s an all female show. And it features some of the funniest ladies in the country!… Or does it sound too self-important when I say that? I was talking about the other ladies (Erin Foley, Rachel Feinstein, and Renee Gauthier), not me… Not that I don’t think I’m funny, just…

Oh nevermind.

The show was at the Mainstage at Proctors Theatre, which is just a gorgeous room.

Standing on the stage looking out, I’d swear it was the theatre where MJJ shot the video for “You Are Not Alone.”

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Faux, HELL No!

I’m in Poughkeepsie, NY. I went to a CVS this morning to look for a barrette, and I spotted this:

Faux hair. That’s an understatement. And there is nothing “hype” about it.

I laughed about this for most of the morning — texted the photo to friends, posted it on Facebook. But then it occurred to me that maybe in Poughkeepsie, NY CVS is where you buy weave (God I hope not)… And that made me sad.

I think we all know how I feel about CVS — I mean, I have a blog category dedicated to it — but some things are just wrong.

This is one of those things.

Thank you, Corning. It was nice to finally meet you!


Over the weekend I had a show in Mansfield, PA but I stayed in a hotel about 30 minutes away in Corning, NY. It was my first time in Corning, although my father worked for Corning Glass Works / Corning Incorporated for over 30 years. My mother has never been, which is really amazing considering how fanatical my dad was/is about Corning products. I remember he once threw away a set of glass measuring cups my mom bought because they weren’t Pyrex. “Corning paid for the food you’re gonna cook with those, right?…” And once, back when southwestern style dishes were really the hotness, I bought a set of Mesa dinnerware and he made me return it.

But I digress…

He was always in Corning, and he’d always say that I should visit the Corning Museum of Glass… So after all these years, I couldn’t leave without visiting the CMOG.


“WOW” is all I can say. Some of the most gorgeous pieces I’ve ever seen. Here are a few of my faves:




My friend Jessica said that the piece above looked like Kristoff St. John of Young and the Restless fame. Haha… I had to Google for an old photo (this is him from an episode of The Cosby Show) and she is 100% right. Too too funny!

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