PHI 44, DAL 6

Woooooo to the you-know-what-ing-Hoooooooo!!!!

I can’t believe what happened today really happened. Did Oakland really beat Tampa Bay? And then Chicago lost? And then did we totally and completely obliterate the Cowboys? As I was watching I was literally thinking, “I must be dreaming.”

But it was almost a disaster.

I was working in VA Beach this weekend so I watched the Giants game at the comics condo. All throughout the game the announcers kept talking about the implications of Oakland/TB and Houston/CHI, and previewing the Eagles/Cowboys game… But come 4:15, for some reason they’re showing Redskins/San Francisco. As if:

  • the last NFC playoff spot isn’t being decided at that very moment
  • this game has any playoff implications
  • anyone interested in NFC football would rather watch this game than Philly/Dallas

Come on, FOX! Regional coverage? On a day like today? Get it together! My show began at 7 and when the second game started I was nowhere near ready to roll out for the evening. But when I saw Clinton Portis on my screen instead of Brian Westbrook, I hopped myself in the shower packed my stuff, took out the garbage and used my nifty new GPS to find the sports bar the club manager suggested. No way was I gonna miss this game. I rolled into the place and it was full of Eagles fans all decked out. It was heaven. At that point we were up 10-3 and it only got better ;)

What occurred next looked like what you might imagine would happen if an NFL team played a Pop Warner squad. At 44-3 I had to leave for my show. I felt pretty sure we wouldn’t blow that lead ;) But just in case anything crazy happened, there was a nice table of Philly fans who took my cell number and promised to text me if/when anything significant happened. Nothing did and they just texted me when the game was over.

Now we’ve got a clean slate. Playoffs here we come!!! Bring on those Vikings. I am so gassed!

Record: 9-6-1

PHI 3, WAS 10

So… I was able to score tickets to tonite’s Eagles/Redskins game at FedEx. I just happen to know a disillusioned Skins season ticket holder who’d had enough after the Cincinatti loss. Thanks so much Alvin!!! Even though their playoff chances are slim, I bet he wishes he’d come tonite.


I went to the game with my “Sports & Home Repairs Boyfriend” Kenny. Since I don’t have a boyfriend of my own to fix things in my condo and go to sporting events with, I sometimes borrow my friends’ husbands… Kenny is a Giants fan. It would never have worked between us anyway ;)

I tell you one thing I’ve learned recently after having such great seats at the Eagles/Falcons and Lakers/Bucs games: I’m waaaay too out of shape not to be rich. We were running late this afternoon. In fact Kenny had to drop me off and then park so I wouldn’t miss kickoff. So I was kinda run/walking up the ramp… Do you have any idea how long and steep the walk up to the 400 section is? I’d much rather get into an arena and walk DOWN to my floor seats. I’m just saying. I can’t wait to make it big ;)

The photo below was taken early in the game while I was still optimistic about the outcome.√ā¬† You can tell because the sun is still out… And the finger I have up is my thumb. Continue reading →

PHI 48, ARI 20

As I mentioned two posts back, I was not able to catch the Thanksgiving Day PHI/ARI game. However, BFF Angi who works for the NFL was kind enough to phone and text me with periodical updates during my family’s encore viewing of ‘The Notebook.’ Every time the Blackberry went off, I prepared myself to be angry. When she called to say there was an interception I was like, “Damn you Donovan.” Then she explained that we had intercepted an Arizona pass. When she called to say. You’re on the 3, I was like, “And what we couldn’t get into the end zone, right?” Then she explained that we walked right in…

I’m rather disappointed in myself. I typically come out of my Eagles funks in enough time to be positive about the next game. Perhaps because it was a short week, I didn’t have enough recovery time ;) I’m glad they won — we needed it, especially because we have the Giants again next week. We had the first game seriously within reach though, so I’m hoping we can close the deal this time.

Record: 6-5-1

PHI 7, BAL 36

For this edition of the Happy Eagles/Sad Eagles Chronicles I thought I’d just post the text message convo I just had with my cousin Derrick. He’s a huge Redskins fan and so we talk — or should I say *text* — smack back and forth to each other on Sundays. He grew up and lives right outside of Philly in So. Jersey, which makes it doubly weird that he wasn’t drafted into Eagles Nation, but whatevs…

I’m sitting in Chicago O’Hare on a layover and was in transit for most of the PHI/BAL game but I got a text from D as I was sipping on my mocha frappuccino and as soon as I saw his name, I knew it was gonna be bad. Below is the correspondence… Continue reading →

PHI 13, CIN 13

eagles_yay_small.gif eagles_boo_small.gif

No really. A tie?

I guess that’s about right. I never¬†want my team to lose, but they damn sure didn’t¬†deserve to win today.¬†I mean, they tied Cincinnatti — who had an identical record to the Giants — if you’re dyslexic… Man, I¬†know so many brackets are jacked up right now. Hahaha gamblers… ;)

My mama always told me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say then I should say it loudly and enunciate. So here goes: I DON’T KNOW IF I’VE EVER BEEN¬†THIS DISAPPOINTED IN AN EAGLES SEASON. And no, I’m not exaggerating. When we lost in the Superbowl, of course I was upset about that.¬†But I didn’t feel that way all season. And during the seasons when McNabb was hurt, we knew early that it was gonna be a struggle to compete. I¬†had no¬†expectations. Anything good that happened was a pleasant surprise (i.e. Jeff Garcia). But this year with a healthy McNabb, the addition of Asante Samuel, the promise of DeSean Jackson…¬†we¬†had a 3-win streak a few weeks back and¬†I was sooo excited about this team. But the manner in which we’ve lost¬†the games we’ve lost this year has been¬†hard to¬†swallow.¬†No shut-outs, no poundings… and no 3rd down conversions… Just not doing the little things we need to do to get it done. Continue reading →

PHI 31, NYG 36

What’s the opposite of a fan club?

Because whatever it is, I’m gonna start one for Andy Reid. To say he was severely outcoached by Coughlin would be the understatement of the year. Despite the bad challenges and the overwhelming deficit in time of possession and yardage, the game was still within reach with less than 2 minutes to go. Then he called those two dumb-ass running plays in the 4th quarter. I’m so glad I don’t have an alcohol problem. Because if I did, tonite would have been bad. BAD.

Thing with the Eagles is this, it ain’t always pretty. In fact, most of the times it’s not pretty. But our ability to keep it close and come up with clutch plays is what has always kept us afloat. I’m watching the post-game press conference and he’s being very gracious, but I gotta believe Donovan knew those last two play calls were bad ones. I think his 1 rush may have netted more yards than Westbrook did all nite. I understand the concept of trying to present a well balanced offense, but in those situations, you gotta dance with the chick you came with. Who would have blamed McNabb if he just acted like he didn’t hear them and carried the ball himself?… Of course I know you can’t do that in pro sports, but you know every now and then every NFL QB thinks about pulling a ‘Willie Beamon’.


There were a couple really good plays tonite. #10 looked sharp. And that Kevin Curtis (at least I think it was Curtis ;) clutch TD catch — Go White Lightnin’!!! And I can’t forget about the nice rushing pickup by #5. But tell me this, am I the only one who thinks that sometimes even Donovan forgets he can still run? I miss that part of his game. That Greg Lewis fair catch contact call was a rookie mistake. But the onus for this loss belongs to Andy Reid.

Which is why I’m applying for his job tomorrow.

Record: 5-4