Woooooo to the you-know-what-ing-Hoooooooo!!!!

I can’t believe what happened today really happened. Did Oakland really beat Tampa Bay? And then Chicago lost? And then did we totally and completely obliterate the Cowboys? As I was watching I was literally thinking, “I must be dreaming.”

But it was almost a disaster.

I was working in VA Beach this weekend so I watched the Giants game at the comics condo. All throughout the game the announcers kept talking about the implications of Oakland/TB and Houston/CHI, and previewing the Eagles/Cowboys game… But come 4:15, for some reason they’re showing Redskins/San Francisco. As if:

  • the last NFC playoff spot isn’t being decided at that very moment
  • this game has any playoff implications
  • anyone interested in NFC football would rather watch this game than Philly/Dallas

Come on, FOX! Regional coverage? On a day like today? Get it together! My show began at 7 and when the second game started I was nowhere near ready to roll out for the evening. But when I saw Clinton Portis on my screen instead of Brian Westbrook, I hopped myself in the shower packed my stuff, took out the garbage and used my nifty new GPS to find the sports bar the club manager suggested. No way was I gonna miss this game. I rolled into the place and it was full of Eagles fans all decked out. It was heaven. At that point we were up 10-3 and it only got better ;)

What occurred next looked like what you might imagine would happen if an NFL team played a Pop Warner squad. At 44-3 I had to leave for my show. I felt pretty sure we wouldn’t blow that lead ;) But just in case anything crazy happened, there was a nice table of Philly fans who took my cell number and promised to text me if/when anything significant happened. Nothing did and they just texted me when the game was over.

Now we’ve got a clean slate. Playoffs here we come!!! Bring on those Vikings. I am so gassed!

Record: 9-6-1

2 thoughts on “PHI 44, DAL 6

  1. Sue Plummer

    We were fortunate to see you in Virginia Beach at the Funny Bones and also keep up with the score of the Eagles/Dallas game from one of the guys there who knows I love the Eagles too. It was nice to know that you are also a serious Eagles fan, too.

    We look forward to seeing you again when you come thru the area.

    Sue Plummer

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