As I mentioned two posts back, I was not able to catch the Thanksgiving Day PHI/ARI game. However, BFF Angi who works for the NFL was kind enough to phone and text me with periodical updates during my family’s encore viewing of ‘The Notebook.’ Every time the Blackberry went off, I prepared myself to be angry. When she called to say there was an interception I was like, “Damn you Donovan.” Then she explained that we had intercepted an Arizona pass. When she called to say. You’re on the 3, I was like, “And what we couldn’t get into the end zone, right?” Then she explained that we walked right in…

I’m rather disappointed in myself. I typically come out of my Eagles funks in enough time to be positive about the next game. Perhaps because it was a short week, I didn’t have enough recovery time ;) I’m glad they won — we needed it, especially because we have the Giants again next week. We had the first game seriously within reach though, so I’m hoping we can close the deal this time.

Record: 6-5-1

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