“I’m at WIP in Philly-natti…”

OK, so yes I know that was a really lame title.

But I wanted to share one other cool thing that happened this weekend. The manager of the club where I was working, Steve Trevelise, has a sports talk radio show on WIP 610 AM in Philadelphia. During the weekend, we got to talking about my love for the Eagles and the Happy/Sad Eagles Chronicles here at You’re Welcome, and he invited me to be a regular guest throughout the remainder of the season. Cool, huh? Steve is a Giants fan and so I don’t think it’s really fair that he gets to be on sports talk radio in Philly ;) but I’m excited about the show. It comes on Friday overnites, so hopefully if things pan out and I don’t embarrass myself too badly, I’ll post some of the clips here or on the main site. We’ll talk about Eagles football and comedy, and why I’m not working any clubs in Philly… (This last agenda item was suggested by me and as yet, has not been signed off on by Steve ;)

Oh and Steve also gave me this amazing reference book/collector’s item:


It lists every player and chronicles every season from the beginning of the franchise thru our 2004 Superbowl season. I know, right… THANKS STEVE!

K, I’m tired so I’m gonna grab a quick nap and rest up for the NYG/Philly game tonite. Talk soon, –E

PHI 26, SEA 7

So… the Philly game was blocked out in DC again in favor of NYG/DAL, but I wasn’t that upset. I had a late nite and a fun afternoon of shopping and I was too tired to go to a bar to watch. PLUS, seeing the Cowgirls get their behinds handed to them by Eli n ’em ;) was probably more enjoyable for me than watching the Eagles play Seattle.

Way to GO GREEN! We’re not at the bottom anymore!!! ;)

Record: 5-3

PHI 27, ATL 14 — a photo essay

Yay! So thanks to my BFF Angi who works for the Atlanta Falcons (for like 2 more months… PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t leave!!!), I was able to score tickets for me and my pop to the PHI/ATL game in Philly this afternoon. I was super excited as you can imagine — I don’t think I’ve been to a Philly game in like 3 years.


This is me and my boy John. He is from Atlanta and he’s a Falcon fan. We did a show together on Thursday nite and took this picture to commemorate our friendship. John seemed to think that no matter the outcome of today’s game, one of us would talk so much crap, our friendship would be over. Knowing that my team was going to win, I assured him that I was a better sport than that. Yet somehow he didn’t believe me. I know right… ME??? Talking trash about football??? ;)



The Phillies were playing at home tonite as well, so pretty much everyone in the stadium was decked out in gear for both teams. There were signs everywhere begging the Eagles fans to give up their parking spaces and cut the tailgating short for the World Series attendees. Yeah, good luck with that… Continue reading →

PHI 40, SF 26


I didn’t get to see this game because DC got the Dallas/Arizona game (which was awesome). YAY Cardinals!!! The Eagles prognosis didn’t sound good during halftime of the Dallas game — Akers had a kick blocked and returned for a TD? I almost cried. Don’t know how you did it guys, but waaaay to pull it out! And the Skins lost too? Today is a very good day ;)

Oh… and I can’t forget to point out that Da Bears lost as well. Yes, that’s for you, Ansel ;) Tee hee ;)

Record: 3-3

PHI 17, WAS 23


Alright, so I’m about to show my true “Philly Fan” colors and turn on my team. After the way the game started, I cannot believe what I’m seeing. Its’ the 2-minute warning right now and I’m turning off the TV.

How the hell did we go up 14-0 at home after not allowing 1 touchdown at the Lincoln all season, and end up losing 23-17? Well, let’s dissect:

  • David Akers – Second week in a row, dude. That’s three FG’s you’ve missed, man. I’m waaaay over you. If I played fantasy football, you’d be on a very real bench.

  • Passing game – No really… where WAS it? If you can’t run the ball, throw it. Seems like a pretty obvious adjustment. And when Donovan did put the ball right in the receivers’ hands, they couldn’t hold on to it. You gotta make those… But hey what do I know? I’m just a girl who likes to look at boys in tight pants.

  • Running game – I do not understand how in back to back games, we (the supposedly 6th-best offense in the league) have repeatedly failed to score from less than 4 yards out. I’m sick.

  • Defense – We didn’t look like one of the top 10 defenses in the league. Period.

Exhale… It was good to see DeSean Jackson protect the ball this week. Beautiful punt return. He’s made some rookie mistakes but dude is the truth! It was awesome to see #36 over the ankle injury, looking agile as ever. And it’s great to finally see a healthy McNabb. Yeah, we were missing Shawn Andrews… But this week. Honestly. I have no excuses. We laid down. I’m pissed.

I have tickets to see the Eagles play the Falcons in a few weeks, but I have no idea what type of fan I will be by October 26th. Will I be the supportive die-hard fan I’ve always been? Or will I have morphed into the volatile kind of rabble rouser that would have ended up in the old Veterans Stadium jail?

Only time will tell.

I bought this Mitchell & Ness throwback a couple months ago.


HOT, huh? I couldn’t wait for it to get chilly so I could wear it around town and taunt all the Skins fans I’m forced to interact with on a daily basis. But now I don’t have the guts. Damn you Eagles.

Record: 2-3

PHI 15, PIT 6

YAY! Defense looked amazing. Dude, 7 sacks, a beautiful pick by Samuel… and I guess Brian Dawkins had something to prove to the haters who keep saying he’s too old… I couldn’t be happier. Well, I guess I’d be happier if the Giants, Redskins AND Cowboys lost, but we can only do what we can do ;) The only troubling thing is how close the game was despite all that. But a win is a win. GO EAGLES!!!

Get better B. West!

Record: 2-1