PHI 31, NYG 36

What’s the opposite of a fan club?

Because whatever it is, I’m gonna start one for Andy Reid. To say he was severely outcoached by Coughlin would be the understatement of the year. Despite the bad challenges and the overwhelming deficit in time of possession and yardage, the game was still within reach with less than 2 minutes to go. Then he called those two dumb-ass running plays in the 4th quarter. I’m so glad I don’t have an alcohol problem. Because if I did, tonite would have been bad. BAD.

Thing with the Eagles is this, it ain’t always pretty. In fact, most of the times it’s not pretty. But our ability to keep it close and come up with clutch plays is what has always kept us afloat. I’m watching the post-game press conference and he’s being very gracious, but I gotta believe Donovan knew those last two play calls were bad ones. I think his 1 rush may have netted more yards than Westbrook did all nite. I understand the concept of trying to present a well balanced offense, but in those situations, you gotta dance with the chick you came with. Who would have blamed McNabb if he just acted like he didn’t hear them and carried the ball himself?… Of course I know you can’t do that in pro sports, but you know every now and then every NFL QB thinks about pulling a ‘Willie Beamon’.


There were a couple really good plays tonite. #10 looked sharp. And that Kevin Curtis (at least I think it was Curtis ;) clutch TD catch — Go White Lightnin’!!! And I can’t forget about the nice rushing pickup by #5. But tell me this, am I the only one who thinks that sometimes even Donovan forgets he can still run? I miss that part of his game. That Greg Lewis fair catch contact call was a rookie mistake. But the onus for this loss belongs to Andy Reid.

Which is why I’m applying for his job tomorrow.

Record: 5-4