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No really. A tie?

I guess that’s about right. I never want my team to lose, but they damn sure didn’t deserve to win today. I mean, they tied Cincinnatti — who had an identical record to the Giants — if you’re dyslexic… Man, I know so many brackets are jacked up right now. Hahaha gamblers… ;)

My mama always told me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say then I should say it loudly and enunciate. So here goes: I DON’T KNOW IF I’VE EVER BEEN THIS DISAPPOINTED IN AN EAGLES SEASON. And no, I’m not exaggerating. When we lost in the Superbowl, of course I was upset about that. But I didn’t feel that way all season. And during the seasons when McNabb was hurt, we knew early that it was gonna be a struggle to compete. I had no expectations. Anything good that happened was a pleasant surprise (i.e. Jeff Garcia). But this year with a healthy McNabb, the addition of Asante Samuel, the promise of DeSean Jackson… we had a 3-win streak a few weeks back and I was sooo excited about this team. But the manner in which we’ve lost the games we’ve lost this year has been hard to swallow. No shut-outs, no poundings… and no 3rd down conversions… Just not doing the little things we need to do to get it done.

The radio show I was on Friday had a caller who was saying that Andy Reid should go because at some point, a team that’s not winning just stops hearing the coach. Perhaps that’s true. But I don’t think Andy Reid’s suspect play calling had anything to do with Donovan’s three interceptions and all those dropped passes. What we’re witnessing is a team losing faith in itself — not just their coach.

Few notes though: There should be no such thing as a tie in professional sports. Football, hockey, soccer… abolish the tie. For real. It’s like the Pop Warner and Little League games where both teams get a trophy that I rail about in my act. These people get paid millions of dollars to play a game. Make them compete ’til someone wins.

Second: I think in most cases the ‘roughing the passer’ penalty is a bunch of crap. And I’m not just saying that because the call today went against the Eagles. Dude, you play pro football. Stop crying. If Donovan McNabb drew that call from a defender I’d feel the same way. He’s as big and strong as a lot of the other players anyway. Don’t penalize defenders because the other team’s QB needs to eat a few sandwiches… I’m just saying.

My weekly Eagles headache is beginning to subside. Hooray for Advil. I’m out.

Record: 5-4-1

4 thoughts on “PHI 13, CIN 13

  1. Erin

    It’s only in the regular season they can do that I think, right? That’s what my friend Kenny and I were talking about today. So this BS couldn’t happen in the playoffs. But if it can’t happen in postseason play then why should it exist in the regular season? I don’t get it. Just further complicates any long shot wild card chance we have/had.

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