So… I was able to score tickets to tonite’s Eagles/Redskins game at FedEx. I just happen to know a disillusioned Skins season ticket holder who’d had enough after the Cincinatti loss. Thanks so much Alvin!!! Even though their playoff chances are slim, I bet he wishes he’d come tonite.


I went to the game with my “Sports & Home Repairs Boyfriend” Kenny. Since I don’t have a boyfriend of my own to fix things in my condo and go to sporting events with, I sometimes borrow my friends’ husbands… Kenny is a Giants fan. It would never have worked between us anyway ;)

I tell you one thing I’ve learned recently after having such great seats at the Eagles/Falcons and Lakers/Bucs games: I’m waaaay too out of shape not to be rich. We were running late this afternoon. In fact Kenny had to drop me off and then park so I wouldn’t miss kickoff. So I was kinda run/walking up the ramp… Do you have any idea how long and steep the walk up to the 400 section is? I’d much rather get into an arena and walk DOWN to my floor seats. I’m just saying. I can’t wait to make it big ;)

The photo below was taken early in the game while I was still optimistic about the outcome.  You can tell because the sun is still out… And the finger I have up is my thumb.


It was nothing degrees out. I had on four layers of tops, a hat and a blanket. Everyone was bundled up. Well, everyone but THIS chick:


Dammit lady, why do you have on a jacket, skirt and stockings at a football game at the end of December? She didn’t last very long. I believe she saw the error in her ways and decided to go watch at home.

Every time a penalty flag was thrown, I began to sing a little song I wrote called “Flag on the Play.” Yes I know the title is not that creative, but set to the tune of MC Hammer’s “Pumps in a Bump” and coupled with my in-seat booty popping, believe me it’s pretty hilarious.

The first time I did it, Kenny put me on friend probation and refused to look at me. But the punishment was worth it just to see the expression on his face ;)

When David Akers kicked the field goal (the only points we scored all nite) the announcer said. “And it’s GOOOOOD.” But it wasn’t good. It was bad. Very, very bad. With the way we’ve looked the past couple weeks, no Eagles fan thought losing to the Skins was a possibility. We had our eyes set on Dallas as the challenge. How the hell did we lose to Washington twice this season? Exhale…

olympus-106.jpg olympus-104.jpg olympus-098.jpg

I’ve been in love before…

But I don’t think I’ve ever loved anyone THIS much. I spotted tons of Eagles/Redskins couples. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in a relationship with someone who rooted for one of our NFC East rivals. I’m serious. If my “Mr. Right” turned out to be a Cowboys fan, I might have to question how right he really was.

There’s not really much left to talk about. What with the video blog and this post, I think I’ve said all there is to say about this game. We needed to win. We did not do that. We’re not out yet mathematically, but EVERYTHING has to go right next week for us to continue our season.

Man… I really am bummed. But I had a great time anyway.


Record: 8-6-1

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