I see right through you…

Right Through You – Alanis Morissette

My absolute favorite song from “Jagged Little Pill” and it captures exactly how I’m feeling right now about Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie. The remarks he made during his follow-up press conference on Friday re: hiring Michael Vick made me sick. And it amazes me that reporters and commentators and bloggers alike are lauding him for being¬†“charitable” enough to sign Vick despite his personal convictions, when his statement was so clearly bullshit. I mean seriously, I didn’t see a selfless man willing to give ¬†a guy a second chance because he was big-hearted. I saw a businessman bashing his most recent (and potentially most profitable) investment in years in order to justify an unpopular decision that was based strictly on the bottom line. You can ‘t convince me of anything else. The NFL is a billion dollar business and Michael Vick has the potential to help lead the Eagles to a championship. Jeff Lurie knows it. And signing him because of that is a perfectly reasonable — hell, a very, very smart — business move. But in trying to pretend it was about anything else, he comes off as either a liar or a bad businessman. And neither is a good look for him.

Below are a few excerpts from an article/commentary I just submitted for a magazine. Not sure it’ll get published so I wanted to post some of it here. OK, here goes — and I promise I’ll chill on the Eagles posts until at least next weekend. This events of this weekend have just been so unexpected!

“I needed to see a lot of self hatred in order to approve this.”

That’s just one of the classless and seemingly disingenuous remarks Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeff Lurie used to explain his decision to sign Michael Vick in his 8/14 press conference. He then went on to explain how much he loved animals, and how he’d lost several dogs in the past few years. He described Vick’s actions as “murderous” and “inexcusable” and lamented for nearly 15 minutes about how difficult it was for him to decide to sign Vick…

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PHI 13, CIN 13

eagles_yay_small.gif eagles_boo_small.gif

No really. A tie?

I guess that’s about right. I never¬†want my team to lose, but they damn sure didn’t¬†deserve to win today.¬†I mean, they tied Cincinnatti — who had an identical record to the Giants — if you’re dyslexic… Man, I¬†know so many brackets are jacked up right now. Hahaha gamblers… ;)

My mama always told me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say then I should say it loudly and enunciate. So here goes: I DON’T KNOW IF I’VE EVER BEEN¬†THIS DISAPPOINTED IN AN EAGLES SEASON. And no, I’m not exaggerating. When we lost in the Superbowl, of course I was upset about that.¬†But I didn’t feel that way all season. And during the seasons when McNabb was hurt, we knew early that it was gonna be a struggle to compete. I¬†had no¬†expectations. Anything good that happened was a pleasant surprise (i.e. Jeff Garcia). But this year with a healthy McNabb, the addition of Asante Samuel, the promise of DeSean Jackson…¬†we¬†had a 3-win streak a few weeks back and¬†I was sooo excited about this team. But the manner in which we’ve lost¬†the games we’ve lost this year has been¬†hard to¬†swallow.¬†No shut-outs, no poundings… and no 3rd down conversions… Just not doing the little things we need to do to get it done. Continue reading →

PHI 31, NYG 36

What’s the opposite of a fan club?

Because whatever it is, I’m gonna start one for Andy Reid. To say he was severely outcoached by Coughlin would be the understatement of the year. Despite the bad challenges and the overwhelming deficit in time of possession and yardage, the game was still within reach with less than 2 minutes to go. Then he called those two dumb-ass running plays in the 4th quarter. I’m so glad I don’t have an alcohol problem. Because if I did, tonite would have been bad. BAD.

Thing with the Eagles is this, it ain’t always pretty. In fact, most of the times it’s not pretty. But our ability to keep it close and come up with clutch plays is what has always kept us afloat. I’m watching the post-game press conference and he’s being very gracious, but I gotta believe Donovan knew those last two play calls were bad ones. I think his 1 rush may have netted more yards than Westbrook did all nite. I understand the concept of trying to present a well balanced offense, but in those situations, you gotta dance with the chick you came with. Who would have blamed McNabb if he just acted like he didn’t hear them and carried the ball himself?… Of course I know you can’t do that in pro sports, but you know every now and then every NFL QB thinks about pulling a ‘Willie Beamon’.


There were a couple really good plays tonite. #10 looked sharp. And that Kevin Curtis (at least I think it was Curtis ;) clutch TD catch — Go White Lightnin’!!! And I can’t forget about the nice rushing pickup by #5. But tell me this, am I the only one who thinks that sometimes even Donovan forgets he can still run? I miss that part of his game. That Greg Lewis fair catch contact call was a rookie mistake. But the onus for this loss belongs to Andy Reid.

Which is why I’m applying for his job tomorrow.

Record: 5-4