Bribing Auntie’s Baby and Thanksgiving

So I went to visit Auntie’s Baby and family for Thanksgiving. Yaaaaaaay! I knew that he wouldn’t remember me because it’s been so long since I’ve seen him so I figured I’d have to come bearing gifts — you know, to speed up the bonding process. ;)

But what to get him? Well, I had to think about what I already know about sir Roman. He likes airplanes for sure (you gotta watch this)

Isn't he great???

Roman on the train tracks with Thomas -- isn't he great???

And I know he has a new fascination with trains — Thomas the Train in particular. I finally decided on something we could all enjoy and that his mommy and daddy wouldn’t get mad at me for sending. So I sent a Thomas the Train-themed Edible Arrangement — YUM!!! It came with Thomas the Train balloons and a TT container that could later be used to house all his other Thomas the Train paraphernalia — he has at least 1 or 2 Thomas toys on his person at all times.


Thomas was a hit! Roman especially liked the pineapples that were cut into the shapes of stars and the number “1.” But his favorite thing I think was to let the helium balloon fly up to the ceiling and then ask one of us adults to get it for him… You can’t help but indulge kids with things like that b/c it makes them so happy! I love it. Once he assessed that Auntie Erin was cool, we really began to bond. We went swinging at the park and we [read: I] made up a new song about Thomas and Percy and he sang it with me (and a couple times on his own) over the course of the weekend. AND rumor has it on Saturday when he woke up and I wasn’t there, he was walking thru the house calling for me.


Yesssssss! Way to leave ’em wanting more! ;) Haha… probably won’t be able to see him again until February but now that he’s older he should remember all the fun we had. Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving as well! Later, EJ

‘Other chubby singles’? Why does my computer hate me?


OK, I used to work in digital marketing… I understand contextual advertising, keywords, and cookies. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t wanna throw my computer out the window when my Facebook account asks me if I would like to meet ‘other chubby singles.’


That’s it — no more blogging about bad dates. And also no more shopping at

Erin and Kraz-E sittin’ in a tree…

I’d rather attach myself to one.

I got the following e-mail in my inbox last nite:


Oooooooh, KRAZ E — sounds appealing! And for free, no less? Glad I opened it because this is my last day…

Get out of my life eHarmony.

So yeah… I told you all about my ‘experiment’ with eHarmony a few weeks ago… If you haven’t read that entry I highly recommend you do so. It’s sort of a companion piece to this one. They keep sending me matches even tho my 3 month subscription has been over. I never open the e-mails — if I had I would have seen how easy it is to stop the e-mails — but this one I had to open. Here’s what was on the inside:



So this website believes that I am highly compatible with a person who uses “Kraz E” as a moniker on a matching site? WORD? At first I thought maybe it was accurate because anyone who would do such a thing must also be a comedian… But then I started to get a little pissed — do they just start sending effed up matches to people who quit them? Are these just sour grape hate darts — the Internet dating site equivalent of a schoolyard dozens battle (“Yeah, well that’s why yo’ mama…”)

Fa real, eHeezy, you’d like to intoduce me to Kraz E? Well, I have no desire to learn more about this person. And certainly not NOW with an exclamation point (!) Booooo Friggin Booooo!

Kick rocks eternally.

Dear Homestead Suites in Auburn Hills, MI: You suck. Sincerely, me

On Friday I had my very own ‘who gon’ check me boo’ moment. I was seriously sitting in my hotel room thinking: “What ever happened to customer service?…”

Why? Check out the Facebook status below for the short version:

click image to see all the status comments

click image to see all the status comments

Here’s the thing: I know it was a small thing to be upset about, but my anger was borne out of the extremely poor customer service — not the fact that I didn’t have any batteries. My feet work. I could (and did) change the channel manually. But I could tell that this guy had just decided he didn’t want to help  me. Because he was an asshole. And that pissed me off. This douche told me that he couldn’t swap my remote control out because if they filled the rooms that were currently unoccupied, then when those people came they wouldn’t have batteries.

WTD?!?!?!? I’M HERE NOW! What the hell do I care whether people who may or may not decide to come to  your hotel have a working remote control if and when they arrive? Why aren’t you equally concerned with a customer who’s already in your establishment? Send someone up the street to the CVS and buy some. At least pretend that you’re trying to accommodate me.


I called and went out to the front desk a total of 4 times. I couldn’t believe I was even having this conversation, but I wasn’t willing to let it go. On the way to the show that nite, I told the adviser at the school that I was playing that evening what happened so he’d know how his money was being spent…


He apologized, promised he’d call them about it, and gave me some batteries to take back to the hotel.


I took them with me when I left. Continue reading →

The Dreamie — say it ain’t so…

I think we ALL know how much I heart the Snuggie.

Well, today my friend David sent me this video about the Dreamie:

How am I just now seeing this? It’s apparently been around for a while… Not sure exactly how I feel about it. I mean, I don’t sleep on satin sheets as it is, so I’m not sure this is quite as essential as the Snuggie.

HUSH YOUR MOUTH! The Snuggie is too essential!

It’s about time for me to begin compiling this Christmas’ wish list, so I’ll just throw the Dreamie on there and see what happens (ahem, ahem…)

PHI 16, DAL 20



I’ve been to my two NFL games for the season so this week I was back at Rhino Bar in Georgetown to take in the game with a couple hundred of my best compadres…


I brought my friend and neighbor Toiya with me. She’s a Dallas fan and I explained to her that she’d be walking into the belly of the beast, but she still wanted to go, so of course I obliged. It was like bringing my own little mini-game to the game ;)

Me and Toiya before things got ugly

Me and Toiya before things got ugly

The woman sitting next to me at the bar was drinking her beer with a straw. After a few swigs, I couldn’t take it. There was a small group of us around her (men and women) who were just staring at her, and before long we decided she needed an intervention. Come, come girlfriend…


As a woman who loves both football and Yuengling I tried to explain to her that her actions were a poor reflection of ‘our kind’ and would only serve to further the stereotype that women don’t take sports — or beer — seriously. She didn’t surrender completely, but she agreed to use a smaller straw — more like a cocktail straw — which actually made the whole thing worse… But I watch A&E and I’ve learned that sometimes it takes 2, 3, maybe even 4 or 5 times to get thru to someone that needs help.

If I see her there next week I will try again. Because I care about people. Continue reading →