OK, I used to work in digital marketing… I understand contextual advertising, keywords, and cookies. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t wanna throw my computer out the window when my Facebook account asks me if I would like to meet ‘other chubby singles.’


That’s it — no more blogging about bad dates. And also no more shopping at

3 thoughts on “‘Other chubby singles’? Why does my computer hate me?

  1. Reese

    My friend told me she hates Wii fit. She got on the mat to do her profile and the Wii groaned in dissappointment. She said when it did her gravatar it computed a fat gravatar. I like Wii but I will be damned if I get Wii fit and be insulted by a video game.

  2. Joe Fingerton

    Dear, Erin Jackson
    Your computer doesnt hate you. Its only speaks the truth. It’s actually just trying to help you find more people with your special problem find true love.
    Yours truly, Joe Fingerton <333

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