Snuggie Doodle

No really, how cute is this??!?

One of my buddies I met thru Facebook is an illustrator and doodled this little cartoon of me wearing an Eagles-colored Snuggie, and telling my “I hope you don’t make it to the future” joke.

Super adorable, right? I mean, the Iggles, Snuggies and talking about people that shouldn’t make it to the future are three of my absolute favorite things… The only thing that could have made it more perfect is if I were standing in front of a CVS. Hahaha, maybe next time.


Remember back when you laughed at me for having a (3) Snuggie(s)? My how far you’ve come!

Snuggie Sutra

UPDATE: OK I lied because I didn’t see it the first go-round… My favorite part of this site is the FAQ. No really, I cried. Take THAT, Slanket!!!

Could I use a Slanket?
Are you serious? Only if you regularly drink RC Cola and intend to use supermarket-brand condoms .

How does the Snuggie react to bodily fluids?

This is absolutely hilarious. My friend David sent this to me and I almost choked. I’m sure some of y’all have seen this already, but given my affinity (some might call it an ‘obsession’) for the Snuggie, it was especially hilarious to me.

Here’s one of the Snuggie Sutra positions, complete with description:

Source: (Go this website. Now.)


More than the actual ‘positions’ I think my favorite part of the site is the header:  “You have a Snuggie. You have sex. This was inevitable.” Hahaha… and here I thought my Snug-session was what was preventing me from having sex…

They should make this into a coffee table book. And then I could buy it. And put it on the coffee table in my living room right next to my Snuggies — subliminal messaging for all the sexy menfolk that stop by to visit me.

In my dreams.

Another Snuggie convert

This one goes out to all of y’all who hate on my beloved Snuggie. Feel free to check out some of my other Snuggie posts

snug_blue snug_eagles

Anyway, I received the following e-mail on Facebook last nite. No further explanation needed. Read it and acknowledge the awesomeness of the Snuggie.

Please and thank you.

Click image to enlarge

I also would like to report that since my CVS blog I have brought a few people over from the drug store dark side to the light. I guess you could call me… a missionary of sorts.

You could also call me a few other things… but please, just not to my face. ;)

OK so maybe I’m a LITTLE obsessed with the Snuggie…

OK, so I was in my favorite store (CVS) tonite — as I am most nights — and as I was looking for some mailing labels, I came across Snuggies for sale on the value aisle…

I'm not a tattle-tale, but...

I'm not a tattle-tale, but...

Now, I was under the impression that Snuggies weren’t available in retail stores — that they could only be ordered through their official website. But apparently I was wrong. That or CVS is bootlegging Snuggies, in which case I apologize profusely for this post — I’m not trying to get you caught out there C-to-the-V…

All my friends know how much I love CVS. I’m always letting them know about the deals I find — trying to convert the non-believers. Please see the text convo between me and my girl Sandi:

—— SMS Text ——
To: 617*******

Omg, they sell snuggies at cvs. I just bought one. 14.99 now I’m ready for the pub crawl… Hooray!!!

—— SMS Text ——
From: 617*******
Sent: Mar 16, 2009 6:15 PM

Haha. Cvs really does have EVERYTHING!

—— SMS Text ——
To: 617*******

I been trying to TELL you…

—— SMS Text ——
From: 617*******
Sent: Mar 16, 2009 6:17 PM

I’ll never doubt you again.

Anyway, as you know I already have a custom NFL fleece Snuggie, made for me by my girl DWJ…

My Eagles Snuggie!

My Eagles Snuggie!

But I couldn’t pass up the chance to pick up the authentic Snuggie. Because I really want to attend the Snuggie Pub Crawl in DC and I’m not sure if you can do it without an official Snuggie… I’m getting a little discouraged though because I’ve still yet to be notified when the DC Snuggie Pub Crawl is taking place. I joined the mailing list, but we’re almost out of Snuggie weather so I’m wondering if they’re gonna nix some of the cities.

And yes, I’m so serious. First, they’re donating proceeds from the event to charity (or at least they better be!!!) And second… do you know how HILARIOUS that would be?!? I would do a two-camera shoot and recruit a crew of correspondents and hit the streets. Talk about a video blog that writes itself. Drunken Snuggie Monks roaming the Cap City. Man oh man… I really hope I get the chance.

I couldn't resist... $14.99 <i>AND</i> the book light. CAMMAN!

I couldn't resist... $14.99 AND the book light. CAMMAN!

Anyway, that’s me in my new Snuggie. Don’t be a hater. You know who you are ;) Holler.

Snuggies, Martin and Monks

My best friend Jenny bought and just received her new Snuggie.

Comfy... YUM!

Comfy... YUM!

She bought the burgundy one and said that she and her husband are walking around the house looking like Martin in the episode where he joins the cult/monastery:

Even before she sent me the link, I knew exactly what episode she was talking about and I hollered. Hahaha… what’s funnier than that? Since she gave her husband the second Snuggie, I’m hoping that she might see fit to gift me one of the extra booklights for my Thirty-ONE-derful/10th anniversary of my 21st birthday next month… A girl can wish, can’t she?

Tee hee, Jenny ;)

One Snuggie coming right up a.k.a. Jenny I guess you get to keep both of yours

So BFF DWJ took it upon herself to make me the best four-days-after-Christmas gift EVER! She’s recently taken up sewing and has created some awesome pieces. A really cool purse I wanna steal and a super duper cute skirt… but this is by far my fave. She read this post about stuff I almost bought off late night infomercials and decided to combine it with my one true love and create me a homemade Snuggie out of Philadelphia Eagles fleece.

Thank goodness she didn’t try and sew me an Eagles body shaper!

I may not be able to claim ownership of my Snuggie until tomorrow evening, but please believe it will be my new favorite thing. Please notice that the logos are upside down. I think this adds 100% more charm to it. I heart her and my new fave blanket. Here is her preview:


Stay tuned for photos of me in the Snuggie… Right on time for Wild Card weekend!!!