Facebook status gets Eagles employee fired — ain’t that some ish?

My boy Kenny sent me this article yesterday. I hadn’t heard about it. Crazy. What ever happened to the first amendment? I posted something very similar on my Facebook page and in this blog. What? Y’all gonna ban me from attending games this season–if I can even bear to?…

I hope dude lawyered up. Cause I’m sure this is illegal–or at least I hope it is. Maybe they sign some kind of contract or something when they’re hired to work at the stadium?!?… All I’m saying is you shouldn’t be able to fire someone for being a fan and loving your team so much they want to work for you. Disappointment is only natural when the real backbone, the captain of your team is so beloved in the city and still playing at such a high level. Gimme a break, Philly. You are trying my patience. Whatever y’all are trying to put together, it better be good. Really, really good.

From ESPN.com

A Facebook post criticizing his employer, the Philadelphia Eagles, cost a stadium operations worker his job, according to a story in Monday’s Philadelphia Inquirer. Continue reading →

I’m on FACEBOOK now — come join me! & Happy Birthday Beckie!

Hey there you guys!

In my continual attempt to become medium-tech by 2009, I have upgraded from MySpace to Facebook. I’ll still maintain my MySpace page, but I created a fan/celeb page on Facebook just last nite and I’d love it if those of y’all on FB would join me there! It’s way easier to communicate. Plus I was told that being 30 and having only the MySpage page was no longer cool ;)

Here’s the link:

Join me on Facebook!!!