Yes I would — if I could afford it…

OK so here’s the thing… A friend sent me this Obama newspaper clutch by Armando Javier for the dumb Obama-phernalia section of the blog. And while half my brain sees why she sent it to me and understands why I should be as dismissive of it as I’ve been with all the other Obama-phernalia, there’s a part of me that wants to cop this bag.


Obama Purse

I mean, I AM the girl who bought a purse made from a Bible:


It goes against everything I thought I stood for… and I’m poor so I couldn’t buy it anyway… But I enjoy an interesting conversation piece when it comes to a bag, so shoot me… I’d probably never carry it though — if that helps to redeem myself at all in your eyes.

I’m just being honest.

Yo, I’ll trade you my Jeter for that Obama

OK, so this isn’t news, because it isn’t new… But I meant to post on this a while back. I bookmarked the pages and then forgot all about it, so here goes catching up. Upper Deck did a series of trading cards for all the presidential candidates during the primaries. Here are a few in case you haven’t seen them:

obama_dye800x560.jpg mccain_williams800x560.jpg

edwards_graham800x560.jpg rudy_maier800x560.jpg

They’re really good — based on classic baseball trading cards — or so I’m told ;) They did John Edwards and Guiliani — two people who I almost forgot even ran for president this year. But I just realized there’s no Hillary. Hmmm… But what I hadn’t seen and came across today — hence the reason for this blog — was the card that came out after the election. Below is I guess what would be Obama’s rookie card.


Again I think it’s very cool collectors item. Politics and sports are two of my favorite things (check this link if you haven’t seen it). And any combination of the two is a winner in my book. ;) I can’t hate on this one. ;)

Let’s drink to CHANGE!


So, in the interest of keeping the party going, one of my girlfriends forwarded me this post from A French businessman has created an energy drink and named it after… yeah of course — Barack Obama. This actually doesn’t quite belong under the “dumb Obama-phernalia” category because much of the proceeds will go to support an educational charity based in one of the troubled Paris suburbs. I’m just not convinced there will be any proceeds. The ‘creator’ of the drink says he’s been handing out cans to young people living in the area hoping that Obama’s success will serve as an inspiration to them. He plans to auction off Obama Soda in January.


He didn’t really create a soda. After digging around a bit, I found that all he did was create a tag and stick it to a can of pre-existing energy drink. And he plans to auction off the cans to raise money for the charity. Watch the video here.

Maybe it doesn’t belong under stop the bull, but I do think this venture belongs in the “screw effort” category. Am I misunderstanding what’s going on here?… Despite the fact that it sounds illegal, why would someone pay money for that anyway? They could just donate to the charity. Dude, EJ loves the kids, but if I want to support an educational charity I’m not gonna go to an auction to bid on a Red Bull in sheep’s clothing. I’m writing a check.

Huh? Yeah, me neither…

Oh bama

An understandable mistake – Pt. 2


I know I’m not the only one who thinks Jimmy Buffet whenever they hear the name Warren Buffet. It’s an understandable mistake. Yes it is, shut up! ;) But dude, I’m so glad the Margaritaville guy isn’t Barack’s advisor on the economy — though  he has managed to stretch one admittedly catchy song into a very profitable career… On second thought, maybe Barack should consider him for a cabinet slot ;)

No really, Nike a.k.a. The saga continues


West coast BFF and always-in-the-know-homie Dawan Owens just informed me that the Obama A-1’s have been out since primary season. But now that I know that, I’m not sure which bothers me more — the thought of people walking around in Obama kicks if he hadn’t even won the Democratic nomination or them coming out after the general. He also told me that they’re not really put out by Nike. They’re just artwork put on Nikes by other designers. Now that *does*make me feel better. Goes to show how much I know about ‘urban’ fashion… ;)

Here is the link to the original Obama shoe design Dawan saw back in February — it’s waaaay tighter artistically but equally as disturbing…


I would like to thank the hilarious Andy Kline for bringing this newest atrocity to my attention. Ladies and gentlemen… I give to you Nike’s MB-President Obama custom Air Force One’s.


With a product line name like Air Force One, you could kinda see it coming… but I really thought Nike had more class than this. Click here to see more Obama A-1’s.

Again, I wish this were a joke.

Follow this link for more ridiculous Obama-themed crap

No really… stop this


First the My President is Black All Black Affair, and now this? I realize that I’m just giving added publicity to this offer, but I had to ask:

How does this honor President-Elect Obama? What’s the logic here?

“Our president is Black… And Black don’t crack… If your face is cracking come on down for some face injections …”

Come on y’all. We can’t keep attaching this man’s name to any and everything. Let’s not cheapen this moment.

Barack Obama: The Motion Picture

OK, so I’ve been thinking a lot lately about who could play Barack Obama in the [inevitable] movie about his meteoric rise and historic accomplishment. His physical appearance immediately rules out some of Black Hollywood’s current default players (Don Cheadle, Chiwitel Ejiofor — not even Denzel could pull this one off ;). But I actually think that’s a good thing. No need to take jobs away from qualified light-skinned actors. ;) Beige brothas need love too!

Here are a few of my early choices to play Pres-Elect Obama:


Giancarlo EspositoBeen in-heart with him since School Daze. He could be “President Big Brother Almigh-TY”


Harry J. LennixIMO, one of the closest to Barack in appearance. Picture him thinner with his hair cut real close… ;) Continue reading →