First the My President is Black All Black Affair, and now this? I realize that I’m just giving added publicity to this offer, but I had to ask:

How does this honor President-Elect Obama? What’s the logic here?

“Our president is Black… And Black don’t crack… If your face is cracking come on down for some face injections …”

Come on y’all. We can’t keep attaching this man’s name to any and everything. Let’s not cheapen this moment.

5 thoughts on “No really… stop this

  1. kk

    it’s just going to keep getting more and more ignorant. you should just start making this a regular post on the blog. you know it’s just going to keep happening.

  2. T

    I go to this spa and I can’t believe they pulled this frackle nackle! And even more its not something I actually want! LOL

    But on the serious side, this is getting ridiculous. Botox…come on. You know I found out that the new “in” thing for housewives to do in NC is Botox parties. Now whatever happened to a good ole fashion Tupperware party?

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