I… I’m so in love

So proud of my fellow Howardite, Stefanie Brown, who was just named African-American Vote Director for the Obama re-election campaign’s Operation Vote outreach effort. Stefanie is just awesome, and though she was a few years behind me at Howard, I had the pleasure of watching this dynamic young lady rise through the ranks of student government while I was employed in the University’s Office of Admissions. Google her and get familiar. You’re going to be hearing a lot more about her in the years to come!

On a not-so-unrelated note, I (like most of you, probably) was sent this YouTube clip of President Obama singing at a fundraiser on last nite:

How cool is this? And President “O” can saaaang! This just made me ride for him even harder. Not to minimize the challenging work Stefanie will now be doing, but I feel like that ish right there… just made her job a tiny bit easier. ;)

Go Stefanie!!! We’re all so, so proud of you!!!

Also, I love my President.

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Every time I come in the kitchen

I think it’s pretty obvious President Obama is stalking me.

I feel like that scene in Friday where Pops is hollering at Craig for always being in the kitchen:

Seriously. I mean, first I move to DC. Then 10 years later… here he comes. I know, right? And then a few months ago I went to Chicago to visit one of my girlfriends who lives in his old neighborhood and he just “happens” to be home that weekend — messing up traffic and forcing me to have to walk to Harold’s Chicken! And now, I’m working in Toledo for the weekend and he “coincidentally” plans a factory visit and speech here… C’mon POTUS, you ain’t slick.

EJ — Future Sideline Reporter in training… kinda

Last Wednesday I was a guest on Washington Post Live, a TV show that airs weekdays at 5 p.m. in the DC Metro area on Comcast SportsNet. They interviewed me about comedy and sports — my TWO favorite things! BFF Jenny flew into town and due to a series of events including my car breaking down after I picked her up at the airport, she ended up coming with me to the taping.

Me and Jenny in one of my famous self portraits

Me and Jenny in one of my famous self portraits

It was the day Michael Vick was released from prison and the taping was super fast-paced. People were in and out of the green room and studio like every 5 minutes. And everyone was asking everyone else, “What are you here to talk about?” or “What do you do?” Two guys walked in not too long after Jenny and I got there and I asked one of them what he was there to talk about. And he said, “Just football, I think.” Reeeally nice guy. When he finally went into the studio, someone came over and said, “He’s the quarterback for the Redskins.” Eeeeks! But it wasn’t Jason Campbell. Just wanted to clear that up. It was “a” QB for the Skins, not “the” QB. BFF Jenny knew exactly who he was. She was like, “That’s the QB out of Hawaii. Great arm.” I felt bad, but I’m not so Eagle-minded that I wouldn’t recognize the starting QB for the team in the city where I live. So sorry Colt Brennan. You were super nice. And also quite hot ;)

YUM! ;)

YUM! ;)

Jenny was in the greenroom apparently taking photos of the TV while I was on set. And I’m glad she did because the titles were hilarious. Here are the two she sent me:


Haha… I don’t know. Let’s find one and ask them what it’s like.


I’m coming into the studio as Redskins are leaving and all the staff is like, “This is Erin Jackson. She’s an EAGLES fan.” Were they trying to get me beat up? Also the caption is hilarious with the image. Are those Eagle Eyes?… My mom calls them my “slave eyes.” Tee hee ;)

I had a blast at the show. I’ve always thought it’d be super cool to be a TV sports personality, so it was nice to be in that environment and see what it’s like. Maybe one day… And I swear if it ever happens I will not be wearing one of those Russian fur hats Pam Oliver is so fond of. Tee hee ;) I’m looking forward to going back to the show during football season. I promise to study up on my Skins personnel next time!

You GO Wanda!

I heart Wanda Sykes.

Below is her performance at this year’s White House Correspondents Dinner. And here are a few of my fave quotes:

ON BO-BAMA — “The man has to rescue a country that’s been abused by its previous owner. Let him have a fresh start with the dog.”

ON RUSH — “Rush Limbaugh said he hopes this administration fails… I hope his kidneys fail. How ’bout that?”

ON HANGING OUT WITH THE VP — “You and Joe Biden can’t hang out together… Whose idea was that– Nancy Pelosi’s?”

Thanks Leon for the heads up ;)

A great headliner and an apologetic heckler

This weekend I was working in DC again with bud Justin Schlegel and headliner John Pinette. And we had a blast! The shows were great, and John was one of the funniest and NICEST headliners I’ve ever worked with. I really hope we get to work together again.

Me with John Pinette

Me with John Pinette

I love working at the Improv in DC. I’m just as comfortable there as I am at my own house. Seriously. The managers and the staff are like family. I heart them. Here are a couple photos of me and some of my “cousins” ;)

Me and Cousin Skippy

Me and Cousin Skippy

Me and my cousin Lu... We're really close ;)

Me and my cousin Lu... We're really close ;)

Audience  member Don was nice enough to send me this photo of me and Justin with his crew. They were fun and I hope they’ll come out to another show!

Don and his gang -- Please notice the hand/head action here. He said he was trying to stop the flash from bouncing off his head... Hilarious!

Don and his gang -- Please notice the hand/head action here. He said he was trying to stop the flash from bouncing off his head... Hilarious!

Haha, during the early show on Saturday I had a very cordial heckler that made me “Tee hee” ;) Check it out below:

Haha, fun times!

You gotta be $#@%-ting me!!!

Come the hell on.

I mean, I know it’s my fault for being up watching TV at 5 a.m. but really, come the hell on. Watching CNN to keep up with what’s going on with the stimulus package vote–and this damn commercial comes on. I HAD to go to the site

Barack-in-the-box... This is just too far.

Barack-in-the-box... This is just too far.

I am now adding this to the list of things I’d like to UNsee… I refuse to post on the Barack sex toy someone sent me a link to. That is just plain disrespectful.


Etta James done lost her damn mind…

Etta trying to drum up buzz for her Beyonce/Barack diss album

Etta trying to drum up buzz for her Beyonce/Barack diss album

***Etta James talking greasy (Listen)***

In case you haven’t heard this yet, Etta James was talking mad smack about President Obama and Beyonce. What is this old chick thinking? Barack isn’t her president? Kicking Beyonce’s ass? Etta you’re 71… Guess she’s just salty because she didn’t get to sing at the inaugural balls.

I love how classy Beyonce is in not making a statement. I have a girl-crush on her. Talk about ungrateful… If Beyonce hadn’t just played her in Cadillac Records, Etta James would just be another utterly irrelevant “sayer of nay” right now (shout to Michael S. ;)

In the words of the great philosopher Jill Scott, “Hate on hater.”