Yo, I’ll trade you my Jeter for that Obama

OK, so this isn’t news, because it isn’t new… But I meant to post on this a while back. I bookmarked the pages and then forgot all about it, so here goes catching up. Upper Deck did a series of trading cards for all the presidential candidates during the primaries. Here are a few in case you haven’t seen them:

obama_dye800x560.jpg mccain_williams800x560.jpg

edwards_graham800x560.jpg rudy_maier800x560.jpg

They’re really good — based on classic baseball trading cards — or so I’m told ;) They did John Edwards and Guiliani — two people who I almost forgot even ran for president this year. But I just realized there’s no Hillary. Hmmm… But what I hadn’t seen and came across today — hence the reason for this blog — was the card that came out after the election. Below is I guess what would be Obama’s rookie card.


Again I think it’s very cool collectors item. Politics and sports are two of my favorite things (check this link if you haven’t seen it). And any combination of the two is a winner in my book. ;) I can’t hate on this one. ;)