Black History I’d Rather Forget: Pt. 2

Here is the second installment in my Black History I’d Rather Forget series:

Name: He knows who he is (and so may some of you, so I won’t post his name).

History-Making Move: Came to my house to show off his brand new car and asked me if I wanted to go out. Drove me to the movies and purchased one (1) ticket. I will never forget it: “One for Event Horizon, please.” I bought my ticket and then put my purse in the seat between us. After the movies he took me to dinner and well… he took me there is all I can say about that.

Barack Obama: The Motion Picture

OK, so I’ve been thinking a lot lately about who could play Barack Obama in the [inevitable] movie about his meteoric rise and historic accomplishment. His physical appearance immediately rules out some of Black Hollywood’s current default players (Don Cheadle, Chiwitel Ejiofor — not even Denzel could pull this one off ;). But I actually think that’s a good thing. No need to take jobs away from qualified light-skinned actors. ;) Beige brothas need love too!

Here are a few of my early choices to play Pres-Elect Obama:


Giancarlo EspositoBeen in-heart with him since School Daze. He could be “President Big Brother Almigh-TY”


Harry J. LennixIMO, one of the closest to Barack in appearance. Picture him thinner with his hair cut real close… ;) Continue reading →