A great headliner and an apologetic heckler

This weekend I was working in DC again with bud Justin Schlegel and headliner John Pinette. And we had a blast! The shows were great, and John was one of the funniest and NICEST headliners I’ve ever worked with. I really hope we get to work together again.

Me with John Pinette

Me with John Pinette

I love working at the Improv in DC. I’m just as comfortable there as I am at my own house. Seriously. The managers and the staff are like family. I heart them. Here are a couple photos of me and some of my “cousins” ;)

Me and Cousin Skippy

Me and Cousin Skippy

Me and my cousin Lu... We're really close ;)

Me and my cousin Lu... We're really close ;)

Audience  member Don was nice enough to send me this photo of me and Justin with his crew. They were fun and I hope they’ll come out to another show!

Don and his gang -- Please notice the hand/head action here. He said he was trying to stop the flash from bouncing off his head... Hilarious!

Don and his gang -- Please notice the hand/head action here. He said he was trying to stop the flash from bouncing off his head... Hilarious!

Haha, during the early show on Saturday I had a very cordial heckler that made me “Tee hee” ;) Check it out below:

Haha, fun times!

Dig it up

I know we buried the “N” word last year.

But it’s time to dig it up. Because there’s no other word fit to describe the people behind this container of ‘BlackQuick‘. No matter what race the person was, that would still be the most appropriate word.

I hate EVERYTHING about this

I hate EVERYTHING about this

Is it possible to UN-see something you’ve already seen?

Damn you, ‘English’ and whoever gave you the materials for your art project.


Nooooo… not the babies!

Po babies.

Here we go… The people at Ty, Inc. that started the whole Beanie Baby craze have created two new dolls called “Sweet Sasha” and “Marvelous Malia.”

The dolls aren't even cute

The dolls aren't even cute...

According to a Ty, Inc. spokesperson, they chose the dolls’ names because “they are beautiful names,” not because of any resemblance to President Obama’s daughters.

Yeah right.
I’m pretty sure that people dumb enough to believe that aren’t legally allowed to own dolls. (I’m not sure what that means, but I’m not deleting it.) You just picked those names out of the sky, huh? Gimme a flipping break.
Plus, the dolls don’t look like them and they’re not even cute. Damn profiteers. Leave those beautiful little girls alone!
I hope they sue the crap out of them.

Yes I would — if I could afford it…

OK so here’s the thing… A friend sent me this Obama newspaper clutch by Armando Javier for the dumb Obama-phernalia section of the blog. And while half my brain sees why she sent it to me and understands why I should be as dismissive of it as I’ve been with all the other Obama-phernalia, there’s a part of me that wants to cop this bag.


Obama Purse

I mean, I AM the girl who bought a purse made from a Bible:


It goes against everything I thought I stood for… and I’m poor so I couldn’t buy it anyway… But I enjoy an interesting conversation piece when it comes to a bag, so shoot me… I’d probably never carry it though — if that helps to redeem myself at all in your eyes.

I’m just being honest.

Yo, I’ll trade you my Jeter for that Obama

OK, so this isn’t news, because it isn’t new… But I meant to post on this a while back. I bookmarked the pages and then forgot all about it, so here goes catching up. Upper Deck did a series of trading cards for all the presidential candidates during the primaries. Here are a few in case you haven’t seen them:

obama_dye800x560.jpg mccain_williams800x560.jpg

edwards_graham800x560.jpg rudy_maier800x560.jpg

They’re really good — based on classic baseball trading cards — or so I’m told ;) They did John Edwards and Guiliani — two people who I almost forgot even ran for president this year. But I just realized there’s no Hillary. Hmmm… But what I hadn’t seen and came across today — hence the reason for this blog — was the card that came out after the election. Below is I guess what would be Obama’s rookie card.


Again I think it’s very cool collectors item. Politics and sports are two of my favorite things (check this link if you haven’t seen it). And any combination of the two is a winner in my book. ;) I can’t hate on this one. ;)