West coast BFF and always-in-the-know-homie Dawan Owens just informed me that the Obama A-1’s have been out since primary season. But now that I know that, I’m not sure which bothers me more — the thought of people walking around in Obama kicks if he hadn’t even won the Democratic nomination or them coming out after the general. He also told me that they’re not really put out by Nike. They’re just artwork put on Nikes by other designers. Now that *does*make me feel better. Goes to show how much I know about ‘urban’ fashion… ;)

Here is the link to the original Obama shoe design Dawan saw back in February — it’s waaaay tighter artistically but equally as disturbing…


I would like to thank the hilarious Andy Kline for bringing this newest atrocity to my attention. Ladies and gentlemen… I give to you Nike’s MB-President Obama custom Air Force One’s.


With a product line name like Air Force One, you could kinda see it coming… but I really thought Nike had more class than this. Click here to see more Obama A-1’s.

Again, I wish this were a joke.

Follow this link for more ridiculous Obama-themed crap

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