So BFF DWJ took it upon herself to make me the best four-days-after-Christmas gift EVER! She’s recently taken up sewing and has created some awesome pieces. A really cool purse I wanna steal and a super duper cute skirt… but this is by far my fave. She read this post about stuff I almost bought off late night infomercials and decided to combine it with my one true love and create me a homemade Snuggie out of Philadelphia Eagles fleece.

Thank goodness she didn’t try and sew me an Eagles body shaper!

I may not be able to claim ownership of my Snuggie until tomorrow evening, but please believe it will be my new favorite thing. Please notice that the logos are upside down. I think this adds 100% more charm to it. I heart her and my new fave blanket. Here is her preview:


Stay tuned for photos of me in the Snuggie… Right on time for Wild Card weekend!!!


7 thoughts on “One Snuggie coming right up a.k.a. Jenny I guess you get to keep both of yours

  1. dwj

    HAHAHAHA…I guess I should’ve combed my hair before I sent you that picture! I can’t wait to see you in the Eaggie (Eagle’s Snuggie).

  2. Jenny

    I’m jealous! To make sure I don’t go into depression I’m going to order a REAL snuggie now. :) jk I would love a throughback Jordan snuggie. I have an idea an Obama snuggie…

  3. Erin

    Ooooh, an Obama snuggie…

    Do it and then I can add you to the “Stop the Bull—-” section of the blog with all the other Obama profiteers ;)

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