Last Wednesday I was a guest on Washington Post Live, a TV show that airs weekdays at 5 p.m. in the DC Metro area on Comcast SportsNet. They interviewed me about comedy and sports — my TWO favorite things! BFF Jenny flew into town and due to a series of events including my car breaking down after I picked her up at the airport, she ended up coming with me to the taping.

Me and Jenny in one of my famous self portraits

Me and Jenny in one of my famous self portraits

It was the day Michael Vick was released from prison and the taping was super fast-paced. People were in and out of the green room and studio like every 5 minutes. And everyone was asking everyone else, “What are you here to talk about?” or “What do you do?” Two guys walked in not too long after Jenny and I got there and I asked one of them what he was there to talk about. And he said, “Just football, I think.” Reeeally nice guy. When he finally went into the studio, someone came over and said, “He’s the quarterback for the Redskins.” Eeeeks! But it wasn’t Jason Campbell. Just wanted to clear that up. It was “a” QB for the Skins, not “the” QB. BFF Jenny knew exactly who he was. She was like, “That’s the QB out of Hawaii. Great arm.” I felt bad, but I’m not so Eagle-minded that I wouldn’t recognize the starting QB for the team in the city where I live. So sorry Colt Brennan. You were super nice. And also quite hot ;)

YUM! ;)

YUM! ;)

Jenny was in the greenroom apparently taking photos of the TV while I was on set. And I’m glad she did because the titles were hilarious. Here are the two she sent me:


Haha… I don’t know. Let’s find one and ask them what it’s like.


I’m coming into the studio as Redskins are leaving and all the staff is like, “This is Erin Jackson. She’s an EAGLES fan.” Were they trying to get me beat up? Also the caption is hilarious with the image. Are those Eagle Eyes?… My mom calls them my “slave eyes.” Tee hee ;)

I had a blast at the show. I’ve always thought it’d be super cool to be a TV sports personality, so it was nice to be in that environment and see what it’s like. Maybe one day… And I swear if it ever happens I will not be wearing one of those Russian fur hats Pam Oliver is so fond of. Tee hee ;) I’m looking forward to going back to the show during football season. I promise to study up on my Skins personnel next time!

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  2. Erin

    Ang, I did the makeup all by myself — everything except the eyeliner. ‘Cause I have no idea how to do that. I was so excited that it looked good on camera. I’m turning more and more into a “girl” every day ;) Tee hee ;)

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