The worst date I never went on

Ok, so I know you regular readers are way familiar with my blogs about my Worst Date Ever. Ever (read pts. I and II). Well today, I come to tell you about the worst date I never went on. I’ve never written about something like this so soon after it happened — I usually wait for the heat to die down ;) But I couldn’t hold this one in… My hope is that if the other party in this situation comes across this, he’ll be too embarrassed to make a big deal about it…


Here’s the basic back story: About 2 months ago I was encouraged by a close friend to join an internet dating site. Admittedly disillusioned with dating in general and extremely wary of online dating specifically, I had some reservations. But in the end, I figured what could it hurt? I have a closet full of dresses and nowhere to wear them. Maybe it was time to meet some new folks… I was pretty passive about it — instead of checking out the matches I was sent, I just waited to see if anyone would contact me…

A few weeks ago, got a communication from a perfectly decent-seeming person. We exchanged e-mails thru the site for a while and then eventually thru Facebook. Seemed to be an intelligent guy with a good job, he was very handsome… Yesterday he sent me a message on Facebook asking if I’d like to meet. So I suggested that we meet for coffee or drinks somewhere… and here is the response I got:


You don’t have that kinda time? WTF? Are you dying? Continue reading →

PHI 27, WAS 17


Thanks of course to BFF Angi who worked for the NFL until last winter, I was able to score great tickets to Monday’s game in DC.  I had seats on the 100-level. 4th row on the 30-yard line. FAN-tastic!!!


Brought my sports and home repairs boyfriend Kenny with me. This is beginning to become a regular yearly date for us. I think this is year 3. The game started with another amazing TD off a return from #10 — that boy is going to be a BEAST. But Brian Westbrook also went down with a really serious concussion in the 1st quarter. It was so scary. He wasn’t moving. Players from both teams were on their knees praying… I was glad to see him be able to walk off the field. But I hope he doesn’t try and rush back before he’s healed. #29 can take up that slack. GET BETTER B-WEST!!! Continue reading →

Please continue to support breast cancer research

If there’s one charity you don’t have to ask me twice to support it’s breast cancer research. Not even sure how many friends and friends of friends I sponsored this year in Susan G. Komen races. Plus, if you’ve seen my act, you know I eat all the pink M&Ms I can get my hand on ;) Tee hee ;)

A couple weeks ago, I made a donation at the register in honor of my grandmother, Mrs. Jimmie Mae Watson, while buying a new pair of Chuck Taylor’s at Lady Foot Locker.


And then I went back a few days later just to make sure they’d put it up. Not sure exactly why I photographed it… Guess I was just checking up on them ;)

Please remember: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support the research for a cure all year long.

Please join the global movement!

PHI 9, OAK 13


OK so a couple folks have pointed out that I didn’t post on last week’s loss… So here goes:

I’m not sure if ‘loss’ is even the right word for what happened… We weren’t blown out or anything but we were still manhandled by one of the worst teams in the league… I spent pretty much that whole afternoon at Rhino Bar in Georgetown. It’s an Eagles bar, where everybody knows your name AND the words to FLY EAGLES FLY. I went around noon to watch the early games and to make sure I had a seat for Eagles/Raiders. I watched the Giants lose. And the Redskins too. I joked that the Cowboys would have lost too if they hadn’t had a bye… And then I settled in for the 4 o’clock game. There’s no explanation for what happened next. And honestly I’ve done my best to block it out.

I mean c’mon son… Oakland, son?


I’m going to the Eagles/Skins game tonite and I KNOW we’re gonna bounce back nicely and stomp these sorry Skins.

Don’t make a liar out of me fellas…

Record: 3-2 (for now)

Airplane Venom, Pt. IV

This edition of Airplane Venom goes out to the loud-ass women seated in seats 9A-D, 10 A-D, & 11 B on American Airlines Flt. #2746 from Little Rock, AR to Dallas Fort Worth:

Why were you so loud? It was 5:40 in the morning when the flight took off, but y’all were already on “10” by the time you got to the waiting area. How?… Why?

I know way more about you women than I want to. I felt like I was Bill Cosby and y’all were Jeffrey:

Things I know about you but wish I didn’t: I know you “hadn’t never flew on no plane this tiny.” I know all of your astrological signs and your horoscopes for today. I know one of you was frightened to death of flying and “forgot those damn ‘Xanax-es’ on the counter.” I know you were headed to Vegas…

But what I want to know is: Which of my sins you were punishment for? So I never, ever do it again. Were you ignoring — or just oblivious to the barrage of STFU stares and huffing coming at you from every direction?… And how it’s possible that every single one of you sounded like Boomhauer from King of the Hill…


Have you ever seen those news stories where people do unthinkable things and their only excuse is “I don’t know what came over me?” Well, this morning, “I don’t know what” almost came over me. And I honestly don’t know how I stopped him. Those ladies have no idea how lucky they were.


His other car really is a hearse

I saw this scene when I pulled off the Jersey Pike to nap at a rest area last nite…


There’s something about a hearse that has be to towed that’s a little ironic. And a little sad. But also, damn funny! In a perfect world (or at least my perfect world) this pick-up would have had one of those “My other car is a hearse” bumper stickers or license plate frames:


Alas, it did not… But imagining that it did kept me up and laughing for at least the next 40 minutes. Tee hee ;)

PHI 33, TB 14 and also GO DONALD!!!


Well then Mr. Maclin! Way to burst onto the scene!!! First and second NFL touchdowns… we knew you had it in ya!

Actually, everyone looked great!!! Not that Tampa Bay is having that great a season… But Donovan showed us that he’s feeling good. Throwing 3 TD’s and looking good on the run. Maclin stepped up. Celek continues his hot streak. Chris Gocong — You’re a beast! I was so happy to see things coming together like they did. Only thing that would have made the day better is if Dallas had lost that overtime battle. Geez, it was so close…


My old roomie Crystal’s (above) little brother (well, he’s not really little. He’s 6’5″, 315) is the starting left tackle for TB. Gosh when we were in college he was just a kid. Probably about the same size, but still a kid ;) So it’s crazy to see him in the NFL. And doing so well! During the game yesterday he had a catch and a 15-yd run off a deflection.


And I had a little moment. I knew Crys was at the game so after I was done jumping up and down, I shot her a “YAY, Go D. Penn!!!” text message… Cuz no matter how much I love the Birds, you can’t hate on family… Don’t sleep on #70. Or if you do, do so at your at your own risk.

OK, back to loving the Eagles ;) Can’t wait to see them live in a few weeks in DC for the Redskins MNF game!!!

Record: 3-1