Please continue to support breast cancer research

If there’s one charity you don’t have to ask me twice to support it’s breast cancer research. Not even sure how many friends and friends of friends I sponsored this year in Susan G. Komen races. Plus, if you’ve seen my act, you know I eat all the pink M&Ms I can get my hand on ;) Tee hee ;)

A couple weeks ago, I made a donation at the register in honor of my grandmother, Mrs. Jimmie Mae Watson, while buying a new pair of Chuck Taylor’s at Lady Foot Locker.


And then I went back a few days later just to make sure they’d put it up. Not sure exactly why I photographed it… Guess I was just checking up on them ;)

Please remember: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support the research for a cure all year long.

Please join the global movement!