OK so a couple folks have pointed out that I didn’t post on last week’s loss… So here goes:

I’m not sure if ‘loss’ is even the right word for what happened… We weren’t blown out or anything but we were still manhandled by one of the worst teams in the league… I spent pretty much that whole afternoon at Rhino Bar in Georgetown. It’s an Eagles bar, where everybody knows your name AND the words to FLY EAGLES FLY. I went around noon to watch the early games and to make sure I had a seat for Eagles/Raiders. I watched the Giants lose. And the Redskins too. I joked that the Cowboys would have lost too if they hadn’t had a bye… And then I settled in for the 4 o’clock game. There’s no explanation for what happened next. And honestly I’ve done my best to block it out.

I mean c’mon son… Oakland, son?


I’m going to the Eagles/Skins game tonite and I KNOW we’re gonna bounce back nicely and stomp these sorry Skins.

Don’t make a liar out of me fellas…

Record: 3-2 (for now)

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