If there’s one charity you don’t have to ask me twice to support it’s breast cancer research. Not even sure how many friends and friends of friends I sponsored this year in Susan G. Komen races. Plus, if you’ve seen my act, you know I eat all the pink M&Ms I can get my hand on ;) Tee hee ;)

A couple weeks ago, I made a donation at the register in honor of my grandmother, Mrs. Jimmie Mae Watson, while buying a new pair of Chuck Taylor’s at Lady Foot Locker.


And then I went back a few days later just to make sure they’d put it up. Not sure exactly why I photographed it… Guess I was just checking up on them ;)

Please remember: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support the research for a cure all year long.

Please join the global movement!

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