PHI 33, TB 14 and also GO DONALD!!!


Well then Mr. Maclin! Way to burst onto the scene!!! First and second NFL touchdowns… we knew you had it in ya!

Actually, everyone looked great!!! Not that Tampa Bay is having that great a season… But Donovan showed us that he’s feeling good. Throwing 3 TD’s and looking good on the run. Maclin stepped up. Celek continues his hot streak. Chris Gocong — You’re a beast! I was so happy to see things coming together like they did. Only thing that would have made the day better is if Dallas had lost that overtime battle. Geez, it was so close…


My old roomie Crystal’s (above) little brother (well, he’s not really little. He’s 6’5″, 315) is the starting left tackle for TB. Gosh when we were in college he was just a kid. Probably about the same size, but still a kid ;) So it’s crazy to see him in the NFL. And doing so well! During the game yesterday he had a catch and a 15-yd run off a deflection.


And I had a little moment. I knew Crys was at the game so after I was done jumping up and down, I shot her a “YAY, Go D. Penn!!!” text message… Cuz no matter how much I love the Birds, you can’t hate on family… Don’t sleep on #70. Or if you do, do so at your at your own risk.

OK, back to loving the Eagles ;) Can’t wait to see them live in a few weeks in DC for the Redskins MNF game!!!

Record: 3-1