David Letterman’s ‘apology’ and my first real hate mail

dave1I was quoted in this article in the Style section of Saturday’s Washington Post about the David Letterman/Sarah Palin ‘feud’. If you don’t feel like reading the entire article, here’s what was attributed to me:

Letterman shouldn’t apologize, if only to preserve the comedian’s prerogative to satirize the powerful and to be offensive on occasion, says Erin Jackson, a rising local stand-up comic. “People read things into jokes that you never meant and never intended,” she says. “If [Letterman] got into a cycle of apologizing for a joke or comment, you don’t know where it would stop, or how far back you’d have to go to satisfy everyone. I don’t think he can be who he is if he started doing that.”

Adds Jackson: “When you give it to everyone equally, as Letterman does, as all the late-night people do, you kind of have to take it. It’s like demanding an apology from the National Enquirer — it’s better to just get over it.”

The writer made it clear to me that he didn’t want to examine the political angle of the story — he just wanted the opinion of a comedian on whether or not it was a good idea professionally for Letterman to offer an apology. I’ve offered quotes for articles before, but this weekend was the first time I’ve ever gotten negative e-mails about my comments. Sure I’ve gotten random, anonymous comments on YouTube, etc. But this was full-blown “I’m gonna give you a piece of my mind AND my first and last name and e-mail address.” You know, grown and sexy hate mail.√ā¬† The first message came at like 1 in the morning. I was out with friends and heard the Berry go off. I was crossing my fingers hard for an unexpected booty call

Nope, just hate mail.

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Dude, he’s a drop-out!

I think it’s hilarious that Sarah Palin¬†can’t accept that¬†her future (yeah right) son-in-law¬†not being enrolled in school makes him a drop-out…

Perhaps she¬†thinks he’s just on a break with HS

So what if he’s in a correspondence course? That’s what people who drop out of school DO to get a diploma. No disrespect to folks who’ve done it that way, but let’s call it what it is.

Hating and Debating

OK, so Sarah Palin didn’t do nearly as badly as I had hoped she would.¬†I can’t even lie…¬†But I’m not gonna let a little thing like that stand in the way of the hateration I’ve been waiting all week to spew. She didn’t crash and burn, but she didn’t really answer the questions either. I blame Gwen Ifill.

My favorite pundit quote of the nite so far came from Harold Ford after being asked how he thought Palin performed. He said, and I quote:

Well … she had a set of answers to a set of questions. Even if those questions were not asked.

Tee hee ;) … Before the debate started, I enlisted some of my friends to send me their best “Sarah Palin B*tch, PLEASE” photos. I thought this would be fun.

It would’ve been way more fun(ny) if she had sucked worse.

Name: Me
Age: 30
Location: Washington, DC

“No really… Say ‘NU-CU-LAR’ one more time…”


Name: Dana
Age: The “new” 20
Location: Clinton, MD


Name: Roman
Age: 6 1/2 months
Location: Atlanta, GA

“I don’t even know what you’re saying, but I don’t believe you … Now what is that smell?


Name: Mo
Age: Old enough to know better
Location: Washington, DC

“This is me reacting to Sarah Palin’s mention of fighting for women’s rights. Hmmm… was she referring to her¬†fight¬†to overthrow Roe v. Wade?…”


Name: Kingston
Age: 6 months
Location: Washington, DC

“I am a dog and I cannot even bear to listen to your shrill ass voice.”


Name: She pleads the fizzith
Age: <, >, or = 30
Location: Atlanta, GA

“I’m going out for some Toasted Oats…’Cause this¬†chick is¬†trippin'”


Name: Diana
Age: 100 (according to her MySpace page)
Location: New York, NY


Debate Drinking Game


So I just got an e-mail fwd. from a friend about a fun little drinking game we can all play while watching the VP Debate tonite. I’m sure a lot of y’all have gotten it too but if you haven’t, maybe it’ll make you giggle too… The drinking rules for the Joe Biden gaffes were ok, but the Sarah Palin portion was waaaaay funnier. Among my favorites were:

When Palin claims she said “Thanks but no thanks” to the Bridge to Nowhere: Demand a new drink from your hosts, say “thanks but no thanks,” and then when no one’s looking, take it anyway, then claim you never wanted it.

When Palin talks about being the most popular governor in the country: Go to a room by yourself, realize you’re the most popular person in the room, then finish your drink.

When Palin insists that governing a small town in Alaska is in fact experience: Give your friend a shot glass of beer when he/she asks for a pint and insist it’s the same thing.

Tee hee ;) I can’t wait.

Sarah Palin’s Christmas Recitation

I still remember¬†the recitation I had to memorize for my church’s Christmas pageant when I was 7. Below is an excerpt:

Christmas must have brought
Great sorrow to our God
Because He gave His only son
This sinful earth to trod

God gave this gift to you and me
The gift of His dear son
That we might live forever
When life on Earth is done

Why do I remember it some 20+ years later? Because it was literally tattooed on my brain. I was a high achiever back¬†in those days ;) and my folks definitely had a “you will not embarrass us” mentality. I spent countless evenings in the kitchen holding my wooden mixing spoon/makeshift microphone while I listened to my mom¬†read the speech to me over and over until I knew it by heart. Haha… kinda like how I memorize my jokes now. ;)

I imagine that a similar scene is going on within the McCain-Palin camp as they prepare to send old girl out on the campaign trail solo. I totally have this mental image of her¬†standing in my parents’ kitchen¬†reciting her talking points until they’re perfect —¬†complete with the¬†same “you will not embarrass us” dictatorial overtones I was subjected to. Only my mom is replaced by Karl Rove and there’s a moose head hanging over the stovetop.

I’m looking forward to her “interview” with Charlie Gibson tonite.¬†I can’t for the life of me figure out why so many people find her¬†appealing — people who differ with her views in very substantive ways. It’s like a lifelong bigot who finds himself in an interracial relationship… “Yeah, well forget all that crap I’ve been spewing for decades. YOU’RE different.”

I don’t get it.

I cant wait to hear her new talking points — not because I’m interested in what she has to say — but because (and I hate to admit it) the evil spin genius of the Karl Rove Machine is kind of intriguing to me. I’ve been feeling kinda let down over the past week and half because she’s just been sampling from that convention speech — bitch is worse than Puff Daddy. They have her programmed so well — every time I see a clip of her on the stump I can’t help but be¬†reminded of¬†Vicki the robot-child¬†from “Small Wonder.”¬†


Switch it up a little… Damn. But I know they’re not gonna send her off solo without some new ish and I wanna be tuned in so I can see just how dumb these Repub strategists think the rest of us are.

Guess that’s enough partisanship for the morning. Back to the funny soon, I promise ;)


She’s your queen to be…

Is it just me or¬†does this¬†McCain-Palin match reek of an arranged marriage? I mean, it’s clear they didn’t know each other. I just picture McCain sitting in his Barker¬†Lounger (you know he has one) after¬†Barack’s speech¬†last week and¬†Karl Rove escorting¬†Sarah Palin into the room a’ la Eddie Murphy and Vanessa Bell Calloway in Coming to America and saying, “Senator McCain…¬†meet your queen. I mean, your VP.”


I’m not gonna get into the politics of how I feel about Republican politics. But suffice it to say that¬†Tina Fey 2.0 is turning out to be quite the interesting character. But¬†really…¬†a¬†one-liner about hockey moms and pit bulls? Guess she saves the good bits for 30 Rock.