I still remember the recitation I had to memorize for my church’s Christmas pageant when I was 7. Below is an excerpt:

Christmas must have brought
Great sorrow to our God
Because He gave His only son
This sinful earth to trod

God gave this gift to you and me
The gift of His dear son
That we might live forever
When life on Earth is done

Why do I remember it some 20+ years later? Because it was literally tattooed on my brain. I was a high achiever back in those days ;) and my folks definitely had a “you will not embarrass us” mentality. I spent countless evenings in the kitchen holding my wooden mixing spoon/makeshift microphone while I listened to my mom read the speech to me over and over until I knew it by heart. Haha… kinda like how I memorize my jokes now. ;)

I imagine that a similar scene is going on within the McCain-Palin camp as they prepare to send old girl out on the campaign trail solo. I totally have this mental image of her standing in my parents’ kitchen reciting her talking points until they’re perfect — complete with the same “you will not embarrass us” dictatorial overtones I was subjected to. Only my mom is replaced by Karl Rove and there’s a moose head hanging over the stovetop.

I’m looking forward to her “interview” with Charlie Gibson tonite. I can’t for the life of me figure out why so many people find her appealing — people who differ with her views in very substantive ways. It’s like a lifelong bigot who finds himself in an interracial relationship… “Yeah, well forget all that crap I’ve been spewing for decades. YOU’RE different.”

I don’t get it.

I cant wait to hear her new talking points — not because I’m interested in what she has to say — but because (and I hate to admit it) the evil spin genius of the Karl Rove Machine is kind of intriguing to me. I’ve been feeling kinda let down over the past week and half because she’s just been sampling from that convention speech — bitch is worse than Puff Daddy. They have her programmed so well — every time I see a clip of her on the stump I can’t help but be reminded of Vicki the robot-child from “Small Wonder.” 


Switch it up a little… Damn. But I know they’re not gonna send her off solo without some new ish and I wanna be tuned in so I can see just how dumb these Repub strategists think the rest of us are.

Guess that’s enough partisanship for the morning. Back to the funny soon, I promise ;)


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