Exhale vs. Empire

That awkward moment on stage when you realize your talk show has been moved to the same time slot as “Empire…”

Last nite, I headlined the Virginia Beach Funny Bone and I began the show by commenting on how many black folks were in the audience. I was honestly surprised because Wednesday nite is “Empire” night in most black households these days, and these folks chose to forego that and come out to see me. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the show is a mammoth hit that gains more and more viewers each week. I was really grateful.

At the close of the show, I was telling the audience about “Exhale,” and inviting them to tune in and support, when I realized that we are on during the “Empire” time slot — Wednesdays at 9pm. I was recording my set, as I always do, so I caught that moment of realization for posterity. These folks came out last nite, but they weren’t trying to make it a habit… THE GOOD NEWS is that we premiere on May 6 — well after the “Empire” (and “black-ish” finale(s), so there are no excuses. Amen.

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes video I shot on our last day on set for “Exhale” season 3. We have a lot of fun together and we have great conversations. I hope you’ll tune in and check us out!

The band’s back together


The band’s back together!

I just got back from Los Angeles after shooting the next cycle of our talk show, “Exhale.” We’ve got a new studio, a new set and tons of amazing guests this coming season. I can’t wait for you all to check out our new digs and see what we’ve been up to! I’ll keep you updated as to the premiere date. I hope you’ll tune in!

On the next episode of “Exhale…”

On the next episode of “Exhale,” which is NEXT Wednesday, July 10 (NOT TONITE — we’re off this week b/c of the holiday) we talk Health and Wellness with actress and wellness expert, AJ Johnson; the original “around the way girl,” philanthropist and cancer survivor (and wife of LL Cool J), Simone Smith; physician and author, Dr. Felicia Wade and Carrie Broadus, Executive Director of Women Alive. This a really fun and informative episode, so set your DVRs now and make sure you catch us!

P.S. I KNEW it was stress and not those donuts causing this belly fat!!! #ShutUpThatsHowIHeardIt

It’s finally time to EXHALE!

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Wednesday night was the big Atlanta premiere event for “Exhale!” I had been missing my co-hosts; it was so good to have the band back together again. We all arrived in town on Tuesday nite and met right away for drinks in the hotel lobby. We had our first round and then ordered a celebratory bottle of champagne, but we didn’t have time to pop it because we were running late for dinner. So Angela just decided we’d bring it with us. Apparently champagne is classy so you don’t need to brown-bag it while walking down the street.


Dinner was with ASPiRE General Manager, Paul Butler and author/playwright Pearl Cleage (#Swoon). Pearl is aMAZing. I’ve been a fan of her work for years and she was to moderate the cast talkback that would take place after the screening of the premiere episode the next night. She really got a chance to see that we are, quite literally, crazy people. I’m sure she was reconsidering her decision to participate. We shut that steakhouse down. Sorry, STK.


The next day began with press interviews and then came the Google Hangout with our director and producer and viewer-submitted questions. It was big fun, and gave viewers an accurate taste of what each of us brings to the show! After that, we had about an hour or so to get into hair and makeup for the big event! The Atlanta rain and humidity forced us to move the black carpet inside and it did a number on my wig. I’m glad we at least got a couple pics in before it fell totally asleep.

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I’m on a cab

My cousin in DC called to tell me she thought saw me on a cab on her way to work. “HUH? Do you mean in a cab…?”


Turns out this is what she meant. Me and my “Exhale” sistas are riding around and gettin’ it on top of taxis. How cool! So excited for our premiere! I totally feel like this right now… “I’m on a cab and it’s going fast and…”

“Exhale” SNEAK PEEK!!!

Check out this sneak peek of “Exhale,” the new talk show I’m co-hosting along with Issa Rae (The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl), Rene Syler (CBS’ The Early Show), Malinda Williams (Soul Food, The Wood) and Angela Burt-Murray (CocoaFab.com and former EIC of Essence Magazine) on Magic Johnson’s ASPiRE television network. We premiere on June 27th and I’m soooo excited to be part of this show! Love these ladies!!! If you’ve not yet heard about the show, please read about us in Variety here and on The Daily Beast here. And check here to find out if your cable provider carries ASPiRE.

I promise it’s gonna be awesome.