The breakup diet — cheat on me again… Please?

Hey so if you’re not familiar, Rooftop Comedy is a website that has stationary cameras in like 20-30 clubs across the nation. Each weekend the shows at each of their clubs are uploaded to their server and they pick clips and post them on their site. Comics can also submit and upload their own clips… It’s kinda like YouTube but just for comedy. If you have some free time and have never checked it out, browse thru. The content is always fresh. Good for chuckles while you’re at work ;) They posted a few clips from my shows this weekend in Wisconsin. This one is short and sweet so I thought I’d share it.

Haha… this is how GF’09 started. And now 26 pounds later I’m… grateful? OK, maybe that’s the wrong word. But I recognize I needed the kick in the ass. Enjoy!

I am hungry

I am on a ‘get sexy for Comedy Central’ diet/exercise program and I am very, very hungry. Funnyman and buddy Joe Robinson told me (clears throat) and I quote, “If you get too skinny you’ll lose ten minutes off your act.” And he is so right… I’d have to replace some of my best material. I heart Joe for even suggesting that in the next two months I could lose enough weight to render my plus size jokes useless. But I don’t want to look like a donut on TV. If cameras add ten pounds and I lose ten pounds, then on TV I’ll look like I look right now in real life… which now that I think of it, really is not encouraging at all.

Anyway I thought of writing a list about diet/fat free products that claim to taste just like the real thing… but DON’T. But that list started getting too long. So I thought instead I’d post a list of diet products that I think taste as good as the real thing, and that list was hella shorter. So far I’ve found:

  1. Diet Dr. Pepper

That’s it.

If any of you have other products I should add to my list let me know. Because spinach greens, Diet Dr. Pepper and orange Tic Tacs are getting real old. real quick.