Good Old Girl Drinking Whiskey and Rye…


In anticipation of the “Storm of the Century,” I went to Total Wine, a liquor store (warehouse, really) near my home I’d heard a lot about, but never visited. Because drinking alone under the covers isn’t sad if there’s a blizzard outside. Shut up, no it’s not.

The store was amazing! Every kind of wine, beer and liquor you could ask for at great prices! The whiskey and Bourbon aisle was like heaven. It’s officially my new happy place. I bought a bottle of the Elijah Craig small batch I tasted on the Evan Williams distillery tour I went on in Louisville earlier this month and a bottle of Builleit. I didn’t even get to really enjoy either before I realized the storm was a bust. Does the streets being clear mean drinking alone is sad again? Awesome, then I’ll get back to it. Below is the “Me In Your City” video I shot in Louisville. Bourbon and Bourbon distillery tours are my favorite. Check out the video when you have the chance!

Me In Your City: Asheville, NC

Went down to super-cute Asheville, NC a few weeks ago with my buddy Jason Weems. OMG, I. LOVE. ASHEVILLE!!! I was working at this great new theatre space down there called The Altamont Theatre, and had the opportunity to check out some of the sites. Didn’t get to see everything I wanted to see, but I’ve got a college show booked there for the spring, so I’m looking forward to more sightseeing then! Did a short Me In Your City video blog about. Wanna watch it? Here it go:

Me In Your City: Atlanta/Los Angeles

On Monday nite the flight I was on from Atlanta to Los Angeles caught on fire mid-flight. It was really scary. But we evacuated via the inflatable slides, which was kinda exciting too — though I’m not sure I should admit that… Anyway, I created a Me In Your City video blog about. Wanna watch it? Here it go:

Me In Your City: Reno/Virginia City, NV

Check out my latest Me In Your City video. It features me and buddy Drake Witham during our week working out in Reno, NV. We visited the old west, toured a gold mine, and kicked it in Mark Twain’s bathroom. It was my first time in Reno and I kinda expected it to be more like Vegas…

But ummmm… no. Hahaha. If you’ve been to Reno you know what I mean. ;) Well I hope you enjoy the video!

Me In Your City: Erie, PA

Here is the Me In Your City video blog from my recent trip to Erie, Pennsylvania. It was a LOT longer originally but I recently read an article that said that the average attention span for online videos is 2 minutes. So I cut it down some. Not for you guys — I know YOU guys could remain engrossed in my YouTube videos for hours… I shortened it for those OTHER folks on the ;) Hahaha.

Hope you enjoy!

Me In Your City: Juniata College/Huntingdon, PA

Ok, so I’ve been getting a little excited lately with the video blogging, I know. But they’re fun (for me at least ;) Check out what happened after I got to where I was going in the blog below. The students at Juniata had fun freaking me out. And I starred in my own mini-version of The Blair Witch Project (emphasis on the ‘mini’)

Hope you like.