Here is the Me In Your City video blog from my recent trip to Erie, Pennsylvania. It was a LOT longer originally but I recently read an article that said that the average attention span for online videos is 2 minutes. So I cut it down some. Not for you guys — I know YOU guys could remain engrossed in my YouTube videos for hours… I shortened it for those OTHER folks on the ;) Hahaha.

Hope you enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Me In Your City: Erie, PA

  1. Amanda

    Hi Erin,
    I work for WQLN Public Media–we are the non-profit that organizes and puts on the Brew Festival you attended. Those pretzel necklaces….I had a hand in stringing them–over 1,500 of them. The brain child of our station came up with this idea. He’s a big picture kind of guy who thinks, “Pretzel necklaces…what could be better?” Us ladies then have to figure out the details…how many on a string, what kind, what size, what string, who’s stringing??? I’m happy to say that as long as we get a pretzel donor again, the necklaces will be back next year. While we stayed extra hours at work, confined to a small room with Pandora blaring from the computer stringing our little hearts out like a twisted version of umpa loompas in Willa Wonka’s factory, the necklaces were hugely popular—heck they made it to your blog! Thanks for making me smile and making it worth it. :)

  2. Erin

    Thanks for finding me Amanda! AND for all your hard work. I recognized how much work that had to be so I left a few bills in the container on the table. Hope you got a cut! Haha, cause I really did have 3 necklaces. ;)

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