Me In Your City: Erie, PA

Here is the Me In Your City video blog from my recent trip to Erie, Pennsylvania. It was a LOT longer originally but I recently read an article that said that the average attention span for online videos is 2 minutes. So I cut it down some. Not for you guys — I know YOU guys could remain engrossed in my YouTube videos for hours… I shortened it for those OTHER folks on the ;) Hahaha.

Hope you enjoy!

Erie is Irie with Erin


Having fun so far in Erie, PA!

I’m here working at Jr’s Last Laugh Comedy Club, and already this has been one of my favorite weeks of the year. We started off with a packed Thursday show. And THEN I had the pleasure of attending the “Erie Idol” finals where 20 Erie residents battled it out for karaoke supremacy and a big cash prize. Then after a 6am spot this morning on the local news to promote the shows, I did morning radio with Mojo, Nat & AC over at Rocket 101 and had a blast!

We literally talked about butt cracks for 4 breaks. I was thoroughly impressed.

I saw a man walking down the middle of the main street here wearing a gas mask. And I also lucked up and came into town during the weekend of the Erie Micro Brew Festival. One of the gentleman I met this morning at TV who was promoting it, gave me a free ticket to tomorrow’s 1pm event! Soooo… basically what I’m saying is if you happen to be in or around Erie, tomorrow’s shows are gonna be fantastic.

I taped a little bit of Erie Idol and I plan to take my camera to the Brew Festival. So stay tuned for a Me In Your City blog.

Thanks, Erie. I heart you already.