Good Old Girl Drinking Whiskey and Rye…


In anticipation of the “Storm of the Century,” I went to Total Wine, a liquor store (warehouse, really) near my home I’d heard a lot about, but never visited. Because drinking alone under the covers isn’t sad if there’s a blizzard outside. Shut up, no it’s not.

The store was amazing! Every kind of wine, beer and liquor you could ask for at great prices! The whiskey and Bourbon aisle was like heaven. It’s officially my new happy place. I bought a bottle of the Elijah Craig small batch I tasted on the Evan Williams distillery tour I went on in Louisville earlier this month and a bottle of Builleit. I didn’t even get to really enjoy either before I realized the storm was a bust. Does the streets being clear mean drinking alone is sad again? Awesome, then I’ll get back to it. Below is the “Me In Your City” video I shot in Louisville. Bourbon and Bourbon distillery tours are my favorite. Check out the video when you have the chance!

Drunk Dialing


Last nite I was a guest on the “Drunk Dialing with Dontay” podcast with LA Hair’s Dontay Savoy and the fab Ms. Poohbie Davenport. It was an absolute blast! I love LA Hair. I’ve seen every episode and we had the show’s star, hair guru, Kim Kimble on “Exhale” last season. Dontay is handsome and hilarious and my favorite stylist on the show. So I literally jumped at the opportunity to do his podcast.

We talked comedy and “Exhale” and drunk texting, all while downing shots of Makers Mark. Because I got to choose the liquor. Which was clearly a setup… The convo got a little fresh after shot #2, but we’re all adults here, right? Right. You should definitely check it out. And subscribe to the podcast. Dontay is beyond hilarious. Here are a few more pics. Y’all can see where this is going…

Listen to the podcast here.




Wild Turkey and Tyrone


Leaving Kentucky yesterday morning, I saw a sign on the highway for the Wild Turkey Distillery. I’ve never been a big fan of their drank, but I’m a huge Bourbon nerd and I’m trying to get my Bourbon Trail Passport all stamped up so I decided to check it out. Booker T, remember this post about the actual wild turkeys I found hanging out down the street from my house?

But I digress.


There was a church called Tyrone Baptist just down the way from the visitor’s center. Tyrone Baptist is precisely the kind of name I’d expect a church next door to the Wild Turkey distillery to have.  Continue reading →

In Your Dreams

OK, so Dream Water is a “relaxation” shot that tastes like blueberry and pomegranate?

Yeah… No.

If I’m gonna pay $7 for a shot that supposed to make me sleepy, it’s gonna be bourbon. But I do love how it’s sitting at the register right next to the 5 Hour Energy shot… Do you wanna be knocked out or dangerously awake?

Only in America. Snoozeberry… I guess.

Sweating and Sweaters… oh and also I hate your flipping banjo

I did a holiday party last nite in southern Maryland and I was/am sick. **pouty lip** So I decided to have a drink of bourbon before I hit the stage. Haha, I say that as if I need to give you guys an excuse for why I was drinking bourbon. Bourbon is my friend… Well, after my drink I was still feeling yuck, so I asked for a cup of tea. But the bartender said what I needed was a hot toddy. I’d never had one before, but after she told me it was just hot tea, whiskey and honey I could not argue with her.

It sounded like exactly what I needed.

“You’ll break out into a sweat halfway thru,” she said. And man was she right. Plus I had on a turtleneck sweater. I felt like I was erupting, and imagined what I was experiencing was — in a Dickensian sorta way — the ‘ghost of hot flashes future.’ The show went really well although they didn’t have a microphone and I had a porcapine in my froat. But I was sweating so much I think my skin actually looks better today. Whiskey facials — try one.

Well after I was done the organizer asked me to hang around in order to judge their Ugliest Christmas Sweater contest. When they made the call for contestants, the woman in the photos below immediately came forward. And upon seeing her, everyone else promptly turned back around and headed for their seats…



The undisputed champ, right? Unification title and urrything

Well, some of the other women were kinda disappointed that there wasn’t even a vote. And I felt for them. I too was disappointed… that I didn’t get to make fun of people’s clothes to their face. And I mean, sure the champ worked super hard to make whatever garment is underneath all those baubles look that bad (she sewed synthetic hair and tinsel to the damn thing). But there were several women there wearing some genuinely atrocious sweaters. Without all the arts and crafts.

It was kinda like being in a comedy contest where all the comics onstage before me used props, or juggled, or played some dumb ass catchy song on their banjo to get cheap, easy laughs. And I just showed up with a bunch of clever, well-written jokes…

Or maybe it’s nothing like that. Maybe I just really hate all those things and I wanted to sh*t on people who do them because this is my blog and I can.

Either way… congrats to the winner.