I am soooo going to Heaven…

God's Pottery

God's Pottery

Well Hallelujah!

Good buds God’s Pottery (you may recognize them from the last season of LCS) were on guest blogging duty over at Rooftop this week. They mentioned me as one of their favorite comics, and my [admittedly vain] Google Alert let me know about it ;) Surely this means I’ve got an open ticket to the big comedy show in the sky. Reading this is super funny if you are familiar with ‘Gideon’ and ‘Jeremiah’. (Sorry about the single quotes, y’all if you’re reading ;) I sure miss those guys. I need to give them a holler.

I’m on FACEBOOK now — come join me! & Happy Birthday Beckie!

Hey there you guys!

In my continual attempt to become medium-tech by 2009, I have upgraded from MySpace to Facebook. I’ll still maintain my MySpace page, but I created a fan/celeb page on Facebook just last nite and I’d love it if those of y’all on FB would join me there! It’s way easier to communicate. Plus I was told that being 30 and having only the MySpage page was no longer cool ;)

Here’s the link:

Join me on Facebook!!!


Last Comic Standing, Pt. I


Thanks so much for all your e-mail and text messages!!! The Nashville episode of Last Comic Standing aired on last nite and I was on it. Hooray!!! I was working so I didn’t get to see the entire show, but I’m sure I’ll be able to see the whole thing online soon. It was my first national TV appearance so I was geeked.

I’m hella sleepy right now, but as so many friends and family had no idea I even went out for the show, I thought I’d try and give a quick (yeah, right) recap of how things went down.

Back in January the manager at the DC Improv called and asked me to come do a guest spot at the club in a few weeks. I had never been asked to do a guest spot so far in advance of a show, so I was suspicious. But she didn’t let on that anything was up. But when I got to the club that nite in February, I noticed that there was a film crew there. So now I’m real curious but still no one was talking. All they told me was that I needed to stay til the end of the show.

So in between the emcee (good bud Herbie Gill) and the feature (other bud Jon Mumma) me and third good bud Jason Weems each do a 5-minute guest spot. When the show was over Herbie calls us back on stage and while we’re up there, Bill Bellamy comes from the back of the club, hops up on the stage and tells me and Jason that we just had a ‘Surprise LCS Audition’ and that NBC was flying us to Nashville to compete in the showcase round.


So about a month later, J and I fly down to Nashville. They put us up in a nice hotel and then that evening they shuttled us to the Zanies for the showcase. It was really cool because I got to meet some great comics whose work I’d admired from afar. It seems like they decided, for whatever reason, not to use the footage they shot in any of the Secret Auditions (from what I understand they went to several additional cities) which kinda stinks. Because I remember taping a fun segment in Nashville about how I didn’t have to camp outside and wait in line all day.  Oh well.

I probably should have blogged about this and saved it until now, because the details of the day are getting mad fuzzy. But suffice it to say, the showcase went well, and I got a red envelope. Hooray!


Las Vegas semifinals here I come! Stay tuned for more LCS posts and watch me in the semis!!!

P.S. If you TiVo’d the show and can get it onto a DVD, please let me know! I’d love to have it.

Googling myself


Usually when I Google myself, the majority of the stuff I find is about other Erin Jacksons who are doing more productive things with their lives. This time, I saw that I’m the featured clip in the “Black Comedians” section on Rooftop Comedy which I guess makes sense, as I fit both requirements for the section. tee hee ;) But I thought it was cool. (Thats me in the corner. That’s me in the spotlight… BTW R.E.M. is back in tremendous fashion if you’ve not yet heard.) Wanted to share it with you, since I’m sure none of you knew that, or else I figure you’d have dropped me a line or something ;)

EJ. Out.

Why won’t you be my friend, Rahsaan Patterson?

OK… so I understand that what I’m about to write is extremely corny and that it should embarrass me.

It doesn’t. But I understand why it should.

And I understand that everyone doesn’t use Myspace for self-promotion. Even famous people. Some folks use it just to stay in touch with people they already know.

Totally get it.

But one of my favorite singers doesn’t accept friend requests from comedians and doesn’t allow messages from people he’s not friends with. Which leads me to believe that he actually manages his own page. All the more reason for me to want to send him the message I spent nearly 20 minutes drafting prior to being brickwalled by his privacy settings. I reference him in my ‘Music Interests’ section on my page… I own every single one of his albums, and I actually bought all but one of them (just being honest — sista is on a budget). And I refuse to allow myself to consider the fact that he doesn’t care that I heart him because… well because that would be awful.

So in the wake of the worst Myspace catch-22 ever, here’s my question — How do I get Rahsaan Patterson to be my friend? And does my burning (yes, burning) desire to make him my Myspace friend mean that I’m a huge loser?

(Please note that I only really want an answer to the first part of that question.)

I’m a good friend, Rahsaan. Really I am.

Also the message that comes up on Myspace… “Rahsaan Patterson does not accept friend requests from ‘comedians'” really made me feel like no matter what my page category was, he’d still deny me. Seriously, in my head, I just imagined a nice pleasant operator voice saying, “We’re sorry. Rahsaan Patterson does not accept friend requests from…” And then some really harsh computer generated monster robot voice saying “Co-me-di-ans.” I feel like if my page was categorized as ‘puppies and angels’ it still would have denied me :(

Pleasant operator lady: We’re sorry. Rahsaan Patterson does not accept friend requests from…


OK, I’m gonna go try and muster up some self esteem.

EJ. Out.