I’m on FACEBOOK now — come join me! & Happy Birthday Beckie!

Hey there you guys!

In my continual attempt to become medium-tech by 2009, I have upgraded from MySpace to Facebook. I’ll still maintain my MySpace page, but I created a fan/celeb page on Facebook just last nite and I’d love it if those of y’all on FB would join me there! It’s way easier to communicate. Plus I was told that being 30 and having only the MySpage page was no longer cool ;)

Here’s the link:

Join me on Facebook!!!


I’m allergic to everything and my friends are ridiculous

This is an e-mail exchange I just had with my friend Ryan after asking if I could crash at his place in NYC this weekend. You’ll probably┬áneed to read from the bottom up to get it. This proves how ridiculously hilarious├é┬ámy friends are.┬á

You’re welcome. And Ryan, you make me LOL.

From: Ryan Conner
Date: 2008/04/28 Mon PM 01:54:07 CDT
To: Erin Jackson
Subject: Re: Re: saturday

No pets. Are you allergic, or do you really like to pet things?

On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 2:44 PM, Erin Jackson wrote:
Awesome! Thanks Ryan. I’ll be on my best behavior ;) oh wait, do u guys have any pets? i always forget to ask that.

From: Ryan Conner
Date: 2008/04/28 Mon AM 10:12:02 CDT
To: Erin Jackson
Subject: Re: saturday

You can definitely stay with me.