The form letter that made my day!

So, on a whim (and by “whim” I mean because I had absolutely nothing to do) I sent a link to my “Why I love CVS” video blog through the customer comments section of the CVS website. Yeah, I’m that lame. The following is the response I received this afternoon from them. Clearly it’s a form letter, but just the idea that someone who works in the CVS corporate office may be watching/have watched my video makes me tee hee ;)


I love this.

Some free Extra Care Bucks or some coupons would have been nice too… but I ain’t complainin’.

I am soooo going to Heaven…

God's Pottery

God's Pottery

Well Hallelujah!

Good buds God’s Pottery (you may recognize them from the last season of LCS) were on guest blogging duty over at Rooftop this week. They mentioned me as one of their favorite comics, and my [admittedly vain] Google Alert let me know about it ;) Surely this means I’ve got an open ticket to the big comedy show in the sky. Reading this is super funny if you are familiar with ‘Gideon’ and ‘Jeremiah’. (Sorry about the single quotes, y’all if you’re reading ;) I sure miss those guys. I need to give them a holler.