Happy to see you

Get it? Cause there’s a banana in my pocket… Yeah.

Yesterday I chose a banana as my in-flight snack on my Kansas City to Memphis flight. But I fell asleep and didn’t eat it on the plane so I put it in my pocket as I was getting off the plane. It wasn’t until I boarded my connection that I realized I’d been walking around for an hour and half with it in my pocket. When you realize you’ve been walking around for hours with a banana in your pocket, you have to take a picture of it. You also have to make a really lame, obvious joke.

I apologize guys. It won’t happen again.

Replacement players

So I was watching my daily hour of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” this morning and each of the two episodes they showed had a different “Aunt Viv.” Now I LOVED this show. I actually cried during the final episode. Yeah, I know… But I was never really comfortable with Daphne Reid replacing the uber fabulous Janet Hubert — who left the show over contract/salary issues. Don’t get me wrong — I like Daphne Reid, it’s just that in my opinion she didn’t ooze bougie-Black-fab quite like the first Aunt Viv.


And that got me to thinking about other shows I liked who swapped out actors in the same role. And I thought about Lionel Jefferson from “The Jeffersons” and “All in the Family.” If like myself, you are a student of these shows (pats self of back ;) you’ll remember that the first Lionel left and was replaced by the second Lionel, and then returned a few seasons later. Crazy. I was always partial to the middle Lionel. I thought he was handsome ;) My mom went to high school with one of them, but I can never remember which one…


And how could I do a post like this without mentioning the two Becky’s on “Roseanne.” Becky 1.0 left the show to go to college — which of course you can’t hate on. But as much as I loved her on Scrubs, I never liked Sarah Chalke as Becky 2.0. Maybe it’s because I really loved that show and I’m averse to change. Maybe it’s because the second Becky was a little too pretty and polished for the Connor family… Who can say for sure? But I never quite bought it.


There’s really no point to this post other than to say that if you’re having contract disputes or actors have to leave your show because of personal issues, instead of replacing them, you should do what they did on “Family Matters” and write that character out of the script with no explanation.


Remember Judy Winslow?

When she left the show, they didn’t replace her. They didn’t create a storyline to explain why she vanished. They just acted like she never existed and made the rest of America wonder, “Are we crazy, or wasn’t there another kid on this show?” That’s the way you do it, Hollywood. Like when a character got whacked on “The Sopranos”…That’s just the end of that. Sure that dismissal probably had a lot to do with her turning to a career in adult films, but what are you gonna do?

I was going to write a conclusion sentence or two to this entry, but I’m drained and I’m sleepy so I’m just gonna take a nap instead. Because I can.

A bonus b-day gift

That's me in the corner... That's me in the spotlight ;)

That's me in the corner... That's me in the spotlight... Sing along, y'all ;)

In addition to the $31 check from my mom and two days worth of flu-like symptoms, I got another bonus b-day treat courtesy of the folks at the WaPo Express. They picked up my birthday blog in the March 25th edition of Blog Log.

Pretty cool. I guess people do read this thing ;) Tee hee ;)

Thanks for letting me know about this Leon!

I am soooo going to Heaven…

God's Pottery

God's Pottery

Well Hallelujah!

Good buds God’s Pottery (you may recognize them from the last season of LCS) were on guest blogging duty over at Rooftop this week. They mentioned me as one of their favorite comics, and my [admittedly vain] Google Alert let me know about it ;) Surely this means I’ve got an open ticket to the big comedy show in the sky. Reading this is super funny if you are familiar with ‘Gideon’ and ‘Jeremiah’. (Sorry about the single quotes, y’all if you’re reading ;) I sure miss those guys. I need to give them a holler.