Top of the World!!!

Just got back from a long road trip that included visits to Atlanta, Birmingham, AL, and Aspen, CO. I was in Aspen for a comedy festival with some of my favorite comedy buddies. And on the last day a few of us took a gondola up to the top of Aspen Mountain. OMG, so beautiful! More photos to come but this one makes me so happy I had to go ahead and post it right away!

I am soooo going to Heaven…

God's Pottery

God's Pottery

Well Hallelujah!

Good buds God’s Pottery (you may recognize them from the last season of LCS) were on guest blogging duty over at Rooftop this week. They mentioned me as one of their favorite comics, and my [admittedly vain] Google Alert let me know about it ;) Surely this means I’ve got an open ticket to the big comedy show in the sky. Reading this is super funny if you are familiar with ‘Gideon’ and ‘Jeremiah’. (Sorry about the single quotes, y’all if you’re reading ;) I sure miss those guys. I need to give them a holler.

Googling myself


Usually when I Google myself, the majority of the stuff I find is about other Erin Jacksons who are doing more productive things with their lives. This time, I saw that I’m the featured clip in the “Black Comedians” section on Rooftop Comedy which I guess makes sense, as I fit both requirements for the section. tee hee ;) But I thought it was cool. (Thats me in the corner. That’s me in the spotlight… BTW R.E.M. is back in tremendous fashion if you’ve not yet heard.) Wanted to share it with you, since I’m sure none of you knew that, or else I figure you’d have dropped me a line or something ;)

EJ. Out.