Complimenting 101: This one’s for the fellas

As a woman, I must admit that it’s nice to receive compliments from men. Every girl likes to feel special every now and then. But as a very single woman, I feel obligated to let married and otherwise involved men know that compliments/flirtatious remarks that begin with or contain the phrase. “If I were single…” are often counterproductive.

I’m a big fan of flirting — I’m a huge flirt myself. But every time someone says something like that to me, I’m tempted to reply with something like, “Hey, take my number anyway… you know, in case something happens to her. Life can be a bitch. I wouldn’t want you to *get* single and not be able to get in touch with me.”

The other nite after a show this guy√ā¬†walked up to me and said,√ā¬†“You have an amazing smile. I think you’re beautiful. If I were single I’d totally ask you out.”

And I was thinking, “Thanks so much, dude. But if you were single and asked me out, I’d totally turn you down. Your marriage is not what’s keeping us apart. Trust me.”

Think how√ā¬†much more awesome it would√ā¬†have been if he’d just said,√ā¬†“You have an amazing smile. I think you’re beautiful. Good night.”

Now, I don’t want to discourage men — whatever their marital status — from throwing a compliment or two in the direction of a woman they find attractive. But on some “The More You Know” PSA type ish, I just wanted to let you fellas know that you can not only achieve the desired flattery, but you can literally leave a woman blushing and make her day by just letting the compliment — whatever it is — stand on its own.

I don’t know if this was helpful to anyone. But I sure feel better ;)

You’re welcome.

What a week! Pt. 2 – Live at Gotham

I’m back…

So I missed the actual premiere√ā¬†of Gotham because I was working but I stayed up last nite and caught the 3am rebroadcast. Yay! Everyone did great! Our show was hosted by Jim Norton and the other comics were Rob O’Reilly, Nate Bargatze, Mike Vecchione, Mo Mandel and Ryan Dalton

I was very happy with the way the set went. In addition to the clip 2 posts below,√ā¬† here is the rest of my set.

Damn, my eyes are big…

What a week! Pt. 1 – LCS

Hey you guys! Just wanted to say thanks again to all the people who’ve reached out this week after LCS and Gotham. Having the two shows air on back to back days was awesome. My mom called me last nite and was like “What channel are you gonna be on tonite?” tee hee ;)¬†TV run¬†over for now, Ma. ;)

I’ve gotten messages from tons of *new friends* (I HATE¬†the word ‘fan’)¬†as well as some people I’ve admired for foreverI’m just blown¬†they even¬†know my name. Life is so¬†strange. Of course I would have loved to advance in LCS… Not sure how I would have done in a house though. Y’all would have been like… Isn’t there a black girl on this show? Where is she? ;) … Hated the cameras…


See how this could become annoying? ;)

It’s funny that we were out there in Vegas for almost¬† a week I think and they didn’t really air any of the stuff we shot. Not complaining though because¬†they aired our entire sets.

Had a couple photos from Vegas I figured I’d share. Please note the shirt I have on in the photos is also the shirt I’m wearing in my most recent headshots, the header photo for this blog, etc. NBC wardrobe bought it for me, and I loved it. And when I got eliminated, I felt like I deserved to keep it. So I did ;) I wouldn’t call it stealing…

You might. But I wouldn’t.


Me and Louis Ramey — he swore he was smiling…


I call this one… “Me in a limo.”


Here’s me with Andi Smith and Erin Foley — the ladies in my semifinal — minus Shazi. Where WERE you girl in all my photos?


Me with the very funny and very adorable Jeff Dye. Poor Jeff, he’s being objectified all over the Internet ;) I may or may not have been squeezing his butt. I am part of the problem ;)


Gambling away my per diem at roulette¬†after getting eliminated and washing all that damn makeup off my face. “Well, let me give you a word of advice. Always bet on black!” — Passenger 57¬†

Comedy and the DMV

So after spending a crapload of money on brakes and a new windshield yesterday, I went to the DMV to get my car inspected this morning. It took forever — I saw 5 or 6 cars go thru the whole process while my baby just sat there. When they finally pulled her out of the garage I went over to the inspector guy to find out the results…

Me: Did it pass?

Inspector guy: No

Me: What do I need?

Inspector guy: A new car

HA! That is so funny. It actually did pass, but for about 3 seconds I was tuning up for the biggest cry I’ve had in months. Everyone’s a comic.

Oh and don’t forget to watch me on Live at Gotham tomorrow nite at 10pm Eastern on Comedy Central. They just put up another clip on the CC website… shecketout below!
Erin Jackson – Marrying Into Comedy
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Great Americans, Pt. II — a photo essay

Jeff Caldwell mocked us when our flight was delayed and he left to board his plane. I believe his exact words were, “See you on the other side… SUCKAS” (ok, he may not have said ‘suckas’ but it was implied.) Guess who was waiting for him when his flight had to de-plane…


Touche, Jeff ;)


We could have built an engine for this plane and flown it to DC in less time than it’s taking for me to get home tonite.


Concealed weapons are a no-no in this laundromat. But if you walk in brandishing your gun, that’s A-OK…


Our new *friend* Reba is a GREAT AMERICAN…


Yawn…I’m sleepy, and losing interest in this post — as I’m sure you are as well. Hopefully I can click my heels and wake up at my house. It’s amazing how much blogging you can do when you’re stuck in an airport w/ nothing to do. What did we do before laptops and the internet?

Great Americans, Pt. I

This week I was out in Norfolk, NE for The Great American Comedy Festival. The festival ran Tuesday thru Sunday and there was a comedy competition featuring 24 comics from all over the country, a youth comedy camp, and closing nite gala show where Dick Cavett received The Legend Award. There was also some big prize money up for grabs!

Norfolk was the childhood home of Johnny Carson and he was apparently very kind to the town and all its people throughout his life. The majority of the shows took place in the beautiful, state-of-the-art Johnny Carson Theatre. The theatre seats 1,234 and I don’t think there was one show the whole week where there weren’t at least 700 – 800 people in attendance. Turnout was great.


The whole festival was put together by a crew of volunteers in Nebraska in coordination with Eddie Brill, the booker for Letterman — who hand picked all the comics participating in the contest portion of the festival. I’m going to attempt to list the names of all the comics that were there: Tapan Trevedi, Chuck Bartell, Dan Boulger, Matt Braunger, Chris Coccia, Joe Derosa, Deacon Gray, ME, Jesse Joyce, Myq Kaplan, Joe Klocek, Darryl Lenox, Jamie Lissow, Robert Mac, Vince Maranto, Shane Mauss, Jim McDonald, David Powell, Micah Sherman, Marianne Sierk, James Smith, Paul Varghese, Drake Witham, and Roy Wood, Jr. Also performing/hosting were Jeff Caldwell, Nick Griffin and Eddie Brill.

Think I got everyone…

All 24 of the comics flew into Omaha on Tuesday. And once all the flights were in, we hopped a bus to Norfolk, The first nite most of us just settled in and watched the Celtics kick Laker butt. On Wednesday morning, we had a field trip to the Johnny Carson Museum. On Thursday there was a trip to this place where you could see fossils and stuff — I didn’t go on that trip but I heard it was cool. And on Friday we had a trip to a ranch where we ate well, bottle fed calves and took a hayride through fields where marijuana grew in stalks! Word.



Because the purpose of the festival was to honor the legacy of Johnny Carson all material had to be TV clean and “family-friendly.” Really cuts down on the material that you have to choose from. It was definitely a challenge. There were four semifinal rounds with six comics each. Two from each semi advanced to the finals. And the top three finishers earned cash prizes. My semifinal was on Thursday. I had a pretty good 8-minute set and advanced to the finals.

The finals on Friday were judged by Robert Klein, Dick Cavett, and Wende Curtis (owner of Denver’s Comedy Works) and hosted by Eddie Brill. It was pretty nerve racking being brought out by the guy who books Letterman only to see Robert Klein and Dick Cavett in the front row with judging sheets in front of them. But I had another good set and felt pretty good about it when I got off stage. When the winners were announced later that evening, I ended up taking second place — HOORAY!!!

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