Pumps & Punchlines

I had the pleasure of performing at the kickoff of an awesome new comedy concert series called Pumps & Punchlines in Schenectady, NY last Friday! As you may have guessed from the title, it’s an all female show. And it features some of the funniest ladies in the country!… Or does it sound too self-important when I say that? I was talking about the other ladies (Erin Foley, Rachel Feinstein, and Renee Gauthier), not me… Not that I don’t think I’m funny, just…

Oh nevermind.

The show was at the Mainstage at Proctors Theatre, which is just a gorgeous room.

Standing on the stage looking out, I’d swear it was the theatre where MJJ shot the video for “You Are Not Alone.”

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What a week! Pt. 1 – LCS

Hey you guys! Just wanted to say thanks again to all the people who’ve reached out this week after LCS and Gotham. Having the two shows air on back to back days was awesome. My mom called me last nite and was like “What channel are you gonna be on tonite?” tee hee ;) TV run over for now, Ma. ;)

I’ve gotten messages from tons of *new friends* (I HATE the word ‘fan’) as well as some people I’ve admired for foreverI’m just blown they even know my name. Life is so strange. Of course I would have loved to advance in LCS… Not sure how I would have done in a house though. Y’all would have been like… Isn’t there a black girl on this show? Where is she? ;) … Hated the cameras…


See how this could become annoying? ;)

It’s funny that we were out there in Vegas for almost  a week I think and they didn’t really air any of the stuff we shot. Not complaining though because they aired our entire sets.

Had a couple photos from Vegas I figured I’d share. Please note the shirt I have on in the photos is also the shirt I’m wearing in my most recent headshots, the header photo for this blog, etc. NBC wardrobe bought it for me, and I loved it. And when I got eliminated, I felt like I deserved to keep it. So I did ;) I wouldn’t call it stealing…

You might. But I wouldn’t.


Me and Louis Ramey — he swore he was smiling…


I call this one… “Me in a limo.”


Here’s me with Andi Smith and Erin Foley — the ladies in my semifinal — minus Shazi. Where WERE you girl in all my photos?


Me with the very funny and very adorable Jeff Dye. Poor Jeff, he’s being objectified all over the Internet ;) I may or may not have been squeezing his butt. I am part of the problem ;)


Gambling away my per diem at roulette after getting eliminated and washing all that damn makeup off my face. “Well, let me give you a word of advice. Always bet on black!” — Passenger 57