Over the weekend I had a show in Mansfield, PA but I stayed in a hotel about 30 minutes away in Corning, NY. It was my first time in Corning, although my father worked for Corning Glass Works / Corning Incorporated for over 30 years. My mother has never been, which is really amazing considering how fanatical my dad was/is about Corning products. I remember he once threw away a set of glass measuring cups my mom bought because they weren’t Pyrex. “Corning paid for the food you’re gonna cook with those, right?…” And once, back when southwestern style dishes were really the hotness, I bought a set of Mesa dinnerware and he made me return it.

But I digress…

He was always in Corning, and he’d always say that I should visit the Corning Museum of Glass… So after all these years, I couldn’t leave without visiting the CMOG.


“WOW” is all I can say. Some of the most gorgeous pieces I’ve ever seen. Here are a few of my faves:




My friend Jessica said that the piece above looked like Kristoff St. John of Young and the Restless fame. Haha… I had to Google for an old photo (this is him from an episode of The Cosby Show) and she is 100% right. Too too funny!


If these folks had known even ONE THING about me, they wouldn’t have let my clumsy ass anywhere near their museum. The whole time I was in there I stayed as far away from everything as I could… I almost had one incident where I had my purse on my forearm and it went swinging… but I was able to avert the disaster. Yaaaaaaay ;)



Gorgeous stuff, right? I also sat in on a hot glass demonstration and a glass blowing demo. Really, really fun! And I made my Daddy happy. What a great day!

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