Party girl

I know I’m not old, but I do feel myself getting older… I went out tonite to help my friend Stacey celebrate her birthday, and shortly after my arrival at the club, it became very clear to me that I’m not the party girl I used to be. Those of you who’ve only recently met me may find this hard to believe, but there was a time — and it wasn’t that long ago — when my friends and I would get to a club for happy hour while the sun was still shining, and stay there until the joint closed… like we had to lock up at the end of the nite… Now we just try to get in and get out before something bad happens… “OK, so we’ve been here for over an hour and nobody slipped on a beer puddle and broke a heel? No one got drunk and locked herself in a bathroom stall? Nobody split their pants on the dancefloor? KEWL… then let’s get out while the gettin’ is good…” Tee hee hee :)… I still LOVE to dance and have the occasional (HA!) drink or two. I’d just rather do it someplace where I don’t have to wear uncomfortable shoes or hear sorry pick-up lines and where no one sweats on me… like a nice lounge… or my apartment. Is that so wrong???

“You wanna battle swing I bring commanding men like I was king.” — Fugees

See… now my last post was a harmless entry about my fondness for talking smack, but Mr. Owens has posted a false background story on his blog and escalated this bowling thing into an all-out beef. So now we are going to DO THIS… and you are all invited to watch. From now on, it’s non-stop training. This afternoon, I’ll be carrying my bowling ball while running up the steps of the Jefferson Memorial – a la Rocky. I might not win this challenge, but you can bet I’ll be spouting some very colorful commentary while I “eat it.” IT IS ON!

“I eliminate punks cut ’em up in chunks. You was souped you heard me, then your ego shrunk.” — I can quote LL too

This will be my last post about this whole bowling mess… (Sigh…) Like men often do when they’re scared and intimidated, Dawan has lashed out at me with some very unnecessary comments.
After postponing this event twice, it is clear to me that it is his intention to move to LA without EVER having this competition. I UNDERstand, D. You’re scared of being served, (yes, served) by a girl. Do yourself a favor and just admit it…

I like talking trash

Or should I say I LOVE it… It doesn’t even matter what I’m trash-talking about — I do it for the sport. Sometimes I talk trash about being better than other people at things I’ve never even tried…

“No I’ve never heard of this activity before. But I’m willing to bet money that I’m better than you!”

Recently, I had plans to go bowling with a friend of mine who shall remain nameless… and Dawan kept telling me how good a bowler he was and how badly he was going to beat me… to which of course my first response was to tell him that he had never seen me bowl and if he thought he was going to beat me, he had another thing coming! (Incidentally, I know no one has used that phrase since the 70’s, but I thought it appropriate for this entry.) I went on to talk so much trash, that I ACTUALLY began to convince myself that I didn’t suck at bowling. Upon realizing that the truth was bound to come out. I retracted my comments, but as we haven’t actually been bowling yet, he doesn’t really know for sure if I suck or if I’m just trying to hustle him…… OK wait, even after I admitted that I suck, I still can’t stop talking smack. I have a problem. Please help me.

Postcards from the edge

I went to the PostSecret Exhibit in Georgetown this afternoon and man. was it heavy… If you don’t know what PostSecret is check out this link. But basically in a nutshell, people design their own postcards, put their deepest darkest secrets on them and then mail them anonymously to this artist who uses them in his exhibits and for his book.  Some of the stuff on the postcards was really disturbing… Some of it was really funny, and then some of it was just plain unbelievable. If you get a chance, pick up the book. Really interesting stuff.


I was so excited to be working the DC Improv on New Years Eve. This is me in the greenroom before the first show:

YAY! I just bought a digital camera yesterday (Welcome to the 21st century, EJ!), so I was able to bring you these photos in record time! I was pumped up and surprisingly sober :) HA! Mommy that was for you! The crowds were great… not NEARLY as rowdy as I thought they’d be. In fact they were actually more well-behaved than audiences on nites when heavy drinking is not mandatory… Perhaps it had something to do with paying nearly $100 for a ticket… but who’s to say? Had a great weekend working with Christian Finnegan and DC Improv fave Matt Kazam.

I love that club and all the folks in it… Allyson, Red, Monique, Skippy, Nate, and EVERYBODY else, thanks for all the love and I hope to be back soon!